Monday, December 5, 2011

fall frenzy.

So, I guess November happened. You wouldn't know it by reading my blog though.

Let me just break down my fall season for you:
Four days in Phoenix for Rachael's Bachelorette Party. Todd's 25th Birthday. Alterations appointment #1 for bridesmaid dress. Order shoes for wedding. Don't fit. Return. Todd's brother Matt, his girlfriend Sarah, and his friend Nate stay with us while in town to run the Chicago Marathon. My high school friend Evan stays with us the following weekend, while in town for a convention. Stefanie's 29th Birthday. Job offer(!). My 28th Birthday. Notify current employer of new job offer. Discussions. Lots of discussions. Alterations appointment #2 for bridesmaid dress. Accept new position. Give notice to current employer. Sad. Exciting. Weekend in Washington DC with these beauties. Just what I needed. Stef goes to Mexico. Water Stef's menagerie of plants. Try not to kill them. Think about writing Maid of Honor toast. Panic. Order two pairs of shoes for wedding. One fits. Success. Clean apartment for 4 days straight in preparation for Justin's arrival. Halloween. (I went as Rosie the Riveter.) Clean again. Write Maid of Honor toast. Laundry. Justin arrives. Rachael's wedding weekend spectacular: Rehearsal/Dinner, drinks at the hotel, sleep-over, WEDDING DAY, drinks at the hotel, brunch, family hang-out time. A whole week of more Justin. Another wedding for a high school friend, just outside of Chicago. Send Justin home. Last week at old job. Two days. First day at NEW JOB. Thanksgiving. First full week at new job. Weekend in Milwaukee. Now.

Okay, you're up to speed. I'll do a better job of filling in the gaps later. As soon as I have a moment to breathe. So maybe in January.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

heart and soul.

Sometimes there are people that you can always count on to bring you back up to where you need to be. Maybe you're feeling blue, or stressed, or manic, or overwhelmed, or straight up depressed. Just not feeling "you". But you see these people - for a drink, or a day, or a whole weekend - and you forget about everything else. You are at your best. You feel smart and successful and hilarious and like you could do anything or nothing and be totally content.

. Stay . Shay . A .

I spent last weekend in Washington DC with these beauts. I've known these girls since the first grade. We're pretty much the same now as we were then. Yeah... that's probably accurate.

We ate, we drank, we danced, we sang. We were straight up hooligans.
And we laughed for 48 straight hours.

One of the best weekends ever....
"We are BAAAAAACK! We are getting Doug BAAAAAACK!"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the sweetheart slingback.

A coworker told me today that she has been in 12 weddings. Twelve. Like, a dozen. (Not a baker's dozen. A regular dozen.) Twelve is a lot. I am only on my third, with a fourth on deck for summer 2012. So far, I've made out pretty well in terms of my required dress. (And, honestly, isn't that the main concern when agreeing to be in someone's bridal party?) I can't really give an example for the first wedding I was in because it was for a family friend in 2002, I was 18, and really had no involvement prior to showing up for the rehearsal. The dresses weren't great (sorry, Ily!), and I wore black strappy shoes with a square heel. But I mean, this was the era when a "formal" hair-do involved cornrow-like twists across the front of your head. For a post-millenium wedding, it worked. And will still probably be the fanciest wedding I ever attend.

Weddings 2 and 3 were/are for my high school buds Kate and Rachael (respectively). I blogged quite a bit last year about preparing for Kate's Christmas-y extravaganza, but I haven't been quite as chatty about getting ready for Rachie's day (which is coming up in just about THREE WEEKS!). Both girls are totally classic, and also awesome brides who were pretty much open to anything that made their ladies feel comfortable and pretty. Here's a little side by side comparison:

K & R | bridesmaids

dresses: the dessy group | black shoes: guess | grey shoes: nine west

Sweetheart necklines and peep-toe slingbacks anyone? Ha. I knew they were similar, but didn't realize how almost exact the details were until I put them side-by-side like that. Down to the pleating across the bust! It just goes to show that some styles can fit many personalities. In both wedding parties there are girls of all shapes, heights, and *ehem* bosoms. These dresses look drop-dead gorgeous on all the ladies. For reals, yo.

As for Number 4, the wedding of my good buddies Dan and Leah, we'll get to choose from a color palette and a couple styles. (I'm sticking with the Dessy options, since I am clearly a preferred customer already. My color choice is "meadow", btw.) Here's my top 3:

And look! Only one has a sweetheart neckline! (Who wants to bet that's the one I choose??) And just for s and g's, how about these nude beauties for my feet:

You know. Just to keep things consistent. (And yes, every girl has chosen a different color for shoes. And yes, that is the nude patent version of the pair I bought for Kate's wedding. They're ridic comfortable.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

made for each other.

Todd: I need a shower.
me: me too. I really needed one this morning.
Todd: me too.
me: but I put my hair in a pony tail with a headband instead.
Todd: I wore a tshirt and a lot of deodorant.
me: I forgot deodorant...
Todd: hahaha. stinky.
me: we are so pretty.

P.S. Sometimes we do actually shower. Also, sometimes my face is not so pale that it blends in with my white tshirt.

Monday, October 3, 2011


It is this little boy's 25th birthday today!

Can we just talk about how adorable he is for one second? (Please note the Mickey Mouse hat. True love.)
Happy Birthday, Bub!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

game over.

get real.

A pink-less bachelorette party. Sh!t is about to get real for Rachael.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's the real thing.

I have a Coca-Cola problem. It's a chronic condition I have been fighting totally embracing for most of my life. It's delicious. And refreshing. (As they say.)


My taste for this beverage is known throughout the lands. At my peak, (middle school and high school - when caffeine consumption was apparently my form of rebellion) I was probably drinking 6 cans a day. Yes, a full six-pack. One for breakfast, one for lunch, two after school, one for dinner, and one before bed. It's sad (awesome), but true. I probably should have started buying stock in the company as soon as I learned that two days worth of milk money bought me a Coke instead.

And don't ask if I would like a Pepsi, because I would not. Pepsi tastes like watered down Diet Coke. And Diet Coke is not real Coke. (Sorry Coca-Cola Co., it's not. And don't even get me started on "Coke Zero".) Here's a hilarious side tangent: Just the other night, I was at dinner with my sister at a new restaurant that opened on Division Street. Our waiter came over to take our drink orders, and I said "I'll have a Coke, if you've got it...", half expecting the "We have Pepsi, is that okay?" response. (see above) Instead, he said in a sing-song-y voice "Oooohhh, we actually have agave nectar cola, is that okaaay?" ... My sister claims I laughed in his face. I ordered a beer.

While I have (painstakingly) worked my daily intake of The Pause That Refreshes down to... wait for it... ONE per day* (I KNOW), our relationship is still real. It's the real thing.


*Okay, sometimes I have more than one. But fountain sodas shouldn't really count. If they don't have their mix right, it's mostly soda water anyway... right?

Friday, September 9, 2011

a special day.

Happy 1st Birthday, Ellie Z! Our littlest lady. We're so glad you're here.

I love you Mom! I miss you every day. I love when people tell me I remind them of you. (I bet you already knew that.)

P.S. I'm really liking that short perm my mom is rocking in that photo... too 1986? I think I could do it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a bag a day.

I was perusing pinterest (as one is prone to do in the middle of the afternoon when you just cannot look at another spreadsheet/contract/report for one more second), when I came across this idea that my friend Abby had repinned (originally from here). It's a genius idea to break down the monumental job of decluttering your house into manageable daily tasks. One space per day. One bag per space. Brilliant.

I proposed the idea to Todd, and he liked it. So we're going to give it a shot! We plan to start next Wednesday - after the holiday weekend. And since we don't have kids, or a full size house, we probably don't have 40 spaces to clear out, like the original post had. (We did come up with a surprising 30, though.) We're also personalizing it a little more by adding a few tasks that need tackled, in addition to tossing things out, in order to declutter our apartment.

So, without further ado, here is our "30 spaces. 30 days." list:

30 spaces. 30 days.

Day 1 - Entryway.
Day 2 - Hang art on entry wall.
Day 3 - Living room – bookshelves: books.
Day 4 - Living room – bookshelves: movies and games.
Day 5 - Bathroom – cabinets and shelves.
Day 6 - Bathroom – under sink.
Day 7 - Hang art on bathroom wall.
Day 8 - Storage closet – upper shelf, Christmas d├ęcor.
Day 9 - Storage closet – coats and boots.
Day 10 - Storage closet – linens.
Day 11 - Storage closet – tools and misc.
Day 12 - Office cube bookshelf – music and scripts.
Day 13 - Office cube bookshelf – art and photography.
Day 14 - Office cube bookshelf – office supplies.
Day 15 - Remaining office space. Add leaf to table.
Day 16 - Kitchen cabinets – dishes and glassware.
Day 17 - Kitchen cabinets – pots and pans.
Day 18 - Kitchen shelves.
Day 19 - Kitchen cabinets – food and spices.
Day 20 - Kitchen drawers and under the sink.
Day 21 - Refrigerator.
Day 22 - Remove shelves above stove. Hang pegboard.
Day 23 - Bedroom – side tables.
Day 24 - Bedroom – dresser tops.
Day 25 - Bedroom – bags and accessories.
Day 26 - Bedroom – bookshelf.
Day 27 - Bedroom closet – upper shelves.
Day 28 - Remaining bedroom space.
Day 29 - Hang mirror in bedroom.
Day 30 - Jeep.

I'm not going to guarantee anything. But this project just seemed like it was worth a shot. Todd and I both want to get out apartment under control. And after our joint yard sale with some friends last weekend, we now have the other half of our office space back! We're feeling good and ready to tackle more of our mess.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

two year special.

Happy Birthday comeback special!

We're TWO today! Two years of blogging and I still feel a little bit like a beginner. But here's to another year of learning and over sharing!

image above via here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sweet nothings.

Faint of heart, please proceed with caution. These delovely little charms will knock your sock off. So hilarious, I could not resist sharing them with the world.

The "about" page of the In God We Trust website references designer Shana Tobor's "irreverent, often dark-witted, humor." (Kindred spirits? Mayhaps.) And I am loving their Sweet Nothings brass necklaces. Engraved with sayings that run the gamut between sweet and sinful ("With Love", "Willing & Able"), endearing and inappropriate ("Sweet Tits", "Finger Bang"), cheeky and profane ("Big Butt and a Smile", "Eat a Dick"). They had me dying of laughter, and of course thinking of my guys. (I really know how to pick 'em.) xoxo

this necklace is "really fuckin cute".

Thursday, August 4, 2011

oh, hey august.

So, apparently July is over. That's news to me. What a busy month. We were out of town every weekend except last, and even then I snuck out to the burbs for a tea in honor of Rachie, the bride-to-be. And I guess we weren't technically "out-of-town" for The Fourth, but Todd and I did spend the entire weekend at The Coachhouse (home to our friends Dominic, Dan, Leah and Dianna), going to the beach, swimming at the pool or laying in the park across the street, and barbecuing. Lot's of barbecuing. My favorite. (Sorry no pictures. We were busy having way too much fun!)

We ran home to Ohio for about 36 hours the next weekend for my Aunt Sandy's 60th birthday. We visited my grandma and then had a barbecue at Sandy and Rick's pool (just like when all the cousins were little). Todd manned the grill which made me smile. He fits in so well. And then Sunday morning, before we all got back on the road, we had family pictures in honor of this little lady:

. Elise . Ellie . EZ .

Couldn't you just die? She's absolutely the cutest. Todd and I also got to exercise our babysitting skills 2 weeks ago. He was a champ. Baby-whisperer, for sure. (And don't even ask, because no it did NOT make by uterus ache. I am happy playing with other people's babies, for sure.)

The next two weekends we were in Milwaukee. First for Todd's dad's birthday, and then again to visit with Todd's brother Matt, who was in from Minneapolis. I always enjoy going up there. There are always so many wonderful things to eat. (Todd's mom is a master in the kitchen.)

It's totally bumming me out that it's already August. It's funny that I still see my year like I did when I was in school. The way our seasons are at work, we're busiest from September/October through May/June. So September is always a bummer, because summer is "over" even though it may still be 80 degrees outside. I guess I better make the best of August!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i think tomorrow is a say-something-hat day.

I need a sun hat. After spending 3 consecutive days at the beach/park/pool last weekend, I have decided that yes, a fabulous wide-brimmed sun hat is indeed a necessity. I've been trying them on in every store I happened into for the past few months, but nothing has quite struck me yet. So I have turned my search online-wards.

1. Jessica Simpson Large Bow Sunhat - Norstrom - $38 - The red details and bow are very feminine. Perhaps too feminine for a girl who jammed her finger catching a football in the park last weekend? Perhaps. I think this one is better worn with a dress than a bathing suit.
2. Natural Cut Out Floppy Hat - Topshop - $44 - The cut-outs and smaller bow are very cute, but I think the brim would let too much sun through and defeat my purpose for wearing it. And I'm not big on black - is that weird?
3. By The Sea Hat - Roxy - $28 - One of my favorites. Casual, classic, beachy, cheap.
4. August Large Floppy Straw Hat - Nordstrom - $40 - I love this olive green option with a slightly western-style crown. However, my dark hair absorbs all heat and sunlight, so the idea is to have something light on my head to reflect the rays. Sorry green hat...
5. San Diego Hat Company Ultrabraid Belted Hat - Zappos - $48 - I LOVE this classic look. I feel like I would need to get large Jackie O sunglasses and a retro-inspired one-piece swimsuit to go along with it.
6. Juicy Couture Stripe Straw Hat - Nordstrom - $78 - I love stripes. And coral. Perfection. A little too rich for my blood though. (Psst! It also comes in turquoise! And white!)
7. Lurex Carwheel Hat - Zara - $20 - Another inexpensive, classic beach hat.
8. Echo Braided Floppy Hat - Zappos - $38 - Also a favorite. This one is classic with a twist. The braided detail around the brim makes me feel like I'm not buying the same hat as every other girl.
9. Ombre Floppy Beach Hat - American Eagle - $20 - BAM! Saved the best for last didn't I? Oh, Ombre Beach Hat. Won't you please come home with me?

Which one would you choose??

(Bonus awesome points if you know the quote that is the title of this post.)

Thursday, June 30, 2011


When we were little, the pool was THE place to be everyday during summer vacation. When we were old enough to go by ourselves - no grown-ups! - it was even better. (Granted, there were dozens of other parents there, who knew our parents and were probably secret spies to make sure we were behaving/not drowning. But that was beside the point.) We would throw our towels over the handle bars of our Huffy bikes and pedal our hearts out until we reached the bike rack outside the fence that surrounded the pool. Then we would proudly show our season passes, that were really just laminated pieces of paper that said "Worthington Pool" with a big '90 or '91. (Man, that seems like yesterday.) Once you were in, you made your way to "the hill" - that's where all the cool kids laid out on the grass. It was over by the high dive. NBD. The concrete was HOT, so you were always dashing from grass to pool to grass to pool to concession stand to pool to grass.

Lunch was pizza, and Airheads that only cost 10 cents. The concession stand was like an endless supply of all the candy you could ever want - all for a dime, a quarter, or the really good stuff, which was 50 cents. I think pizza was a dollar fifty. They had Flav-o-Ice, which we would let melt half way and then suck the syrup-water out of the tube. Sometimes you couldn't tell if a kid's lips were blue from the popsicle or because they had been in the pool all day.

The life guards were pretty much the coolest kids you could imagine. They were always so tan and wore awesome sunglasses. (The black plastic wayfarers with the neon sides, FYI. And yes, those are cool again.) They were nice to us kids, even though it must have been an annoying job. But they would play nice. Every hour, on the hour, one of the guards in the office would make the announcement "It is now time for the X-o'clock rest period. Would all boys and girls please clear the pool for a ten minute break." We would all groan and sit anxiously on the edge of the pool, watching the adults breathe a sigh of relief and manage to swim a few uninterrupted laps before ten thousand children cannon-balled back into the pool. And sometimes - if you were REALLY lucky - after rest period was ending, the lifeguards would let you and your friends scream "SWIIIIIIMMMMMMTTTTIIIIIIIIMMMMMME!" into the loudspeaker to signal that it was time to get back in the pool.

If it rained, everyone crowded into the concession area until it stopped. If it stormed, we called home - on a payphone, for a quarter - and one of the moms came to pick us up. (The bikes would be there waiting for us when we came back to swim the next day.) If it was a perfect day, after they called for the whatever-predetermined-o'clock rest period, we would reluctantly exit through the huge turnstile and pedal our way home for dinner. The absolute worst was as you were riding away, you could hear them call "SWIMTIME!" and all the inevitable splashes that followed.

Whenever I go through a huge turnstile like that in a subway station (...or eat Flav-o-Ice or Airheads or those weird two-toned chalky suckers, or see a high-dive or someone in a red swimsuit with a killer tan...) I instantly flash back to summers at The Pool.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pun-derful polish.

What's in a name, right? Well, when it comes to super-cute, pun-tastic names for things that I buy, I'm a total sucker. I'll spend an hour perusing ModCloth and LOL-ing (L-ing-OL?) at the names they come up with for all of their merch. Same goes for nail polish. Big time. (P.S. I'm back on the no-nail-biting train! Hooray!) These are my latest faves from Essie.

haute as HELLO.

I chose to capitalize the "hello". That's how I think it should be. You may have also noticed this shade on my toesies in Tuesday's post. I have since changed it to...

tart deco.

I realize now that these two corals look almost identical on the computer. They do not, however in real life.

absolutely shore.

What's that? A beach pun?? Sign me up. And since I'm already on the Essie bandwagon, I thought I'd try their stop-biting-your-nails polish too. Which, of course, is also cutely named.

grow faster.

No seriously. Grow faster. I want another mani/pedi.

images via essie.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

in the nude.

I'm in weddings. That's kind of my thing now. Just FYI. Having a wedding? I'm your girl.

I'm not being sarcastic. I L-O-V-E weddings. So for reals, if you want me to put on a pretty dress and buy new shoes and bear witness to your nuptials (that sounds totally dirty), I am so there. Bonus points if you're someone that I love, like my Rachie (November 2011) or this girl right here (July 2012). Both of whom requested nude shoes. Hence this lovely new pair I purchased today at lunch. Hooray 40% off sales and $10 off coupons! So even if I find another pair closer to the actual wedding date(s), I can still keep these for my summer wardrobe. (Because they made my legs look awesome in my shorts.)

Does it look like I have cankles? I promise I don't...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

gimme some moore.

Holy moly. Miracle of Miracles. A functional camera bag that does not look like a camera bag!

kelly moore bags via green wedding shoes

That delight is a little thing they call the B-Hobo Bag by Kelly Moore. I am loving it in walnut, (got to have it in a basic!) but there are eight, count them EIGHT, other color options. Jeeze louise. And just take a gander inside:

Do you know how long I have been waiting for something like this? She has 5 different styles in tons of colors. I would have killed for something like the Libby Bag when I was in school. (She even has a messenger bag for dudes called the Kelly Boy Bag, which I totally love, especially in the mustard color.)

Love love love. Want want want. Need need need.

Friday, May 13, 2011

sweep those clouds away.

Hello summer! As expected, Chicago has completely skipped over the season of spring and gone straight for summer. Fine by me - I just wish it would start earlier in the year!

In case I have not mentioned it previously, I have declared this the Year Of The Dress, and it is in full force this week! (Yes, skirts are counting for YOTD. Anything that's not connected between the legs is progress for this all-jeans-all-the-time girl. Actually, even shorts are a step in the right direction.) 3 dresses and this lovely skirted ensemble in 6 days. My friend Di and I hit the outlets on our way to Michigan last weekend, so I needed to showcase some of my new goods. Picture this look, but my skirt is chartreuse. (J.Crew Factory only features the coral option in their online store. P.S. did enyone else hear my head explode when they started offering their factory merch on the weekends?!) And my Vera scarf is actually greens and blues. However, after showcasing this substitute color scheme, I may have to order my skirt in a second color and start a hunt for a similar Vera scarf to the one pictured. Oh summer, I love you.

And I have to mention these sandals by BASS. My mother had these for my whole childhood, and as soon as we grew into them (maybe even before) my sister and I would always steal them. I don't know what happened to Mom's pair, but I found these shopping at the outlets last fall and could not go home without them. I got the tan (Mom's were brown) and they are the most comfortable sandals in the world. The best part of this whole story is the style name of the sandals... Sharon. Just like my momma. Sometimes I wonder if that's why she bought them in the first place!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

morning people.

I am totally not one. In fact, people that get up with ease and sip coffee in their pyjamas while reading the newspaper at their kitchen table kind of freak me out. Who has time for that?! I'm more of a get-out-of-bed-15-minutes-before-it's-time-to-leave kind of person. I rarely eat breakfast, and when I do it consists of several girl scout cookies and a coca-cola, while sitting at my desk. (Have I mentioned this before? I may be repeating myself...) But today, my friends, I have hit a milestone. I had a morning. In my own way. Here's the play-by-play because I know you want it:

5:45 a.m. - Wake up. (GASP! I KNOW!)
5:55 a.m. - Eat a Luna Bar. (What? No Coke??)
6:00 a.m. - Gym. (Are you dying yet?!)
7:15 a.m. - Leave gym.
7:45 a.m. - Drop Todd off at work downtown. Drive around desperately looking for something that is open this early. (Shopping? Pedicure? Nothing??)
8:15 a.m. - Give up and park by my office. Roll down windows. Lean back and relax in the delicious summer weather.
8:17 a.m. - Fall asleep. (Obvs. Come on. It's me, we're talking about.)
9:15 a.m. - Wake up. Walk to Starbucks for an iced chai. (Actually, I shuffled to Starbucks. My legs are like Jell-o. I also went to the gym Monday night. GASP! I KNOW!)
9:45 a.m. - At work. Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I'm sure you are riveted by all of this very specific information. But I had to get it out there. To remember for all time. That I actually woke up, worked out, and liked it. This is evidence that could be used in a court of law... you know, in case I ever sue Todd for making me get up at 5:45 a.m. again.

Monday, April 25, 2011

dressing the part.

Spring is taking its good ol' time getting here, and I am doing everything I can to keep my chin up and my eyes on the prize. (The prize being warm weather and summertime fun, of course.) Our friends, Leah and Dan, recently got back from a week in Costa Rica (lucky ducks). When I saw Leah after they got back, she was sporting this super cute bag. She told me that when she saw it in the store, she knew it would be the perfect explorer bag for their trip. To which Dan responded "You just like to look the part, don't you?" Um... DUH! A girl has got to be prepared. I mean, you wouldn't go on a Costa Rican adventure with a clutch purse, would you? And I just so happen to have my own adventure on the (semi-distant) horizon that I am looking forward to. Day dreaming about this trip really gets me through these cold, rainy days weeks. And of course I am already planning my perfect National Parks Adventure wardrobe. (Todd says "Just pack a couple of t-shirts and some shorts. You don't have to look cute."... ugh, BOYS!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lightning levity.

We've been having some rain lately. (Which is generally okay by me since it's not snow.) The other day this "rain" actually turned into a pretty big storm, and knocked our power out right as I was getting ready for bed. Now, for the most part, storms don't usually bother me... it really depends on the time of day, what I've eaten lately, if I've just watched a particularly unsettling TV show or movie... (unless someone throws in the word "tornado", then you'll see a grown woman seeking shelter in the bathtub.) Anyway, during this recent black-out I got a little nervous. Okay, I slept with a flashlight. As I lay there in terror, Todd said "What are you going to do when we have kids??" And I immediately remembered this sequence of cells from Hyperbole and a Half's latest post, "The Scariest Story":

I imagine this is the type of child I will have. The one clawing at her parents bedroom door. What goes around comes around.

(P.S. You should totally read all of the stories over at Hyperbole and a Half. Pure gold.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

totally nautical.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before (like 800 times), but I love boats. And the sea. Large bodies of water and floating vessels. We had a boat when I was little. It was awesome. (We don't have one anymore. Not as awesome.) Now I just have to pretend. And dream about the next opportunity I will have to be on a boat. So imagine the day dreams that would be inspired by this wall paper by Mini Moderns!

via Design*Sponge

I'm envisioning the washed blue color behind our built-ins in the family room. With natural wood shelving and dark olive walls...

Yes, please.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

oh, hello march.

I sure hope you bring with you weather warm enough for me to wear something like this:

j.crew liberty shirtdress

Even if I have to wear tights... and a cardigan... and a scarf... that's okay. I probably will anyway. Just please, no more coats.

I have high hopes for you March. Don't let me down.

Monday, February 21, 2011

freckle-faced haynes, the dog-faced boy.

After closely examining the photo in yesterday's post, I have concluded that I need some major Vitamin D action on my face. (And the rest of my body for that matter.)

Freckle-face, activate!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

domestic partners.

It's getting close! One week from tomorrow, Todd and I will be officially moved in together. "Shacked up" if you will. (I'm sure my dad loves that term.) That's right. Our books are combined. Our laundry is mingling. (Too much? But still true.) And the greatest part? We can get a joint Costco account! I know. I know. The excitement of bulk goods is overwhelming.

We bought a rug last week. (Not from Costco, from Home Goods. Love HG.) I don't know why I feel like that is symbolic of this milestone, but I kind of do. And it was on sale! About now you're probably thinking back and saying to yourself "Oh yeah... I remember... Didn't she start this blog to talk about projects she was going to do around her apartment?" Yes I did. Thanks for the reminder! Well, now that I have my main man on me like glue about cleaning and organizing our home here to help me clean and organize, I'm super excited about turning this blog back around and sharing projects large and small. (Like eventually unrolling the rug that we bought last week...)

I was hoping to have something more exciting for this post, but I guess I don't. So here's another gratuitous photo of me and the Toddmeister. (I've never actually called him that... but it felt appropriate for that sentence.) (Also, does it make me more cool or less cool for using the word "gratuitous" two posts in a row? I'm thinking more.)

This image is pretty accurate. Bring it on, Future.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4x4: be havin' and BHLDN.

This 4x4 is completely gratuitous. While those that came before have been all about cuteness for cheapness (here, here, here, here and here), this is all about drooling over BHLDN. My buddy Kristen warned me this day would come. "Anthro is launching a bridal line," she said. Uh oh. Lock up the pocketbook. (I should get a pocketbook.) And then yesterday, the email came. The launch was here. 4... 3... 2... 1...

pick out a white dress
Clockwise from Top Left:
Cascading Goddess Gown; Tulle Era Dress; Burnished Organza Gown; Tierred Tulip Gown

fancy feet
Clockwise from Top Left:
Brocade d'Orsay Heels in rue - $350; Firework Fringe Slingbacks in ivory - $240; Agave Peep Toes in champagne - $350; Torsade Peep Toes in sesame/aqua - $180

party people
Clockwise from Top Left:
Starburst Pleated Shift in dusty purple - $200; Gin Fizz Shift in cloud - $450; Savoy Dress in navy - $220; Beribboned Dress in sunshine - $200

head and shoulders
Clockwise from Top Left:
Primrose Bolero in dusty rose - $220; Silk Coil Hat in light grey - $120; Feather Bolero in blush - $350; Baguette Halo in crystal - $140

I am in no way affiliated with BHLDN - I just pretty much love everything about their vintage nuptial stylings. And their jewelry. Don't even get me started on their jewelry. I would need a whole other post. (I really shot myself in the foot with the 4x4 restrictions on this one.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

catch the fever.

Love is contagious. Pass it on!

Happy Valentine's ya'll!

(Pay no attention to the awkward laugh/kiss in the upper right corner... we really do love each other. Promise!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm excited. Like, super excited. Why? Because it's Valentimes! (As in "time for Valentine's Day".) Definitely my most favorite of holidays - I don't care what anybody says. Attached, betrothed, hitched or single, I have always and will always LOVE this day. Because it's all about the love, people. A special day to tell all those special people in your life how special your love for them really is. Special.

Although previous incarnations of my celebration included boxes covered with wrapping paper and doilies, breakfast with my family before school (Dad always had roses for all 3 of his ladies), wearing my "Somebody in Ohio Loves Me" t-shirt (this tradition stays) and carrying a red gift bag filled with candy to share, the classic exchange on this day o' LOVE is of course The Valentine. A card with a sweet message to say "I love you".

Um, how cute are these? The correct answer is this: SO cute! The otters are my favorites. I'm sorry to post such a tease (they're almost all sold out!) but these wooden valentines from Mod Cloth were too adorable not to share.

When it comes to love, honesty is always the best policy. So I am totally into these v-cards that tell it like it is.

from up up creative on etsy. (click for bigness)

And oh by the way...

it's true.

Friday, January 21, 2011

that couple.

Here's a peak at what Todd and I received from our respective families for Christmas 2010.

gray j.crew peacoats and classic l.l.bean boots

Thursday, January 20, 2011

penny porkers.

There are coins all over my floor. Todd has a charming habit of dropping coins (and reciepts and paper bits) from his pockets right out onto the floor... and leaving them there. This must have started long ago, because he seems to be used to it. There have been times that I stayed at his apartment and needed bus money/toll money/milk money for the day, and found at least $3.00 in change on the floor of his bedroom. It must happen when he drops trow. Though I've never had the same problem and I've been taking my pants off for over 20 years. (Not like that, creeps...) I often wonder how much money has been lost in his lifetime through the Loose Change on the Floor policy. It reminds me of the Clean House: 2010 Messiest Home in the Country episode when they found almost $2000 in loose change and lost cash in the family's home. That could be US! (Hopefully minus the "Messiest Home in the Country" title.)

It was Todd's idea to find a way to collect all of our loose change in one place and use it for our travels. Hmmm... if only someone would invent some sort of object in which to place your loose change... What's that you say? They did?! Stop the presses!

As with anything else, I'm very particular about the piglet who will grace our shelf. He must be large enough to hold lots of change, he must NOT be pink and/or plastic, he must be cute and he absolutely MUST have an "exit" hole... if you know what I mean. I will not commit pigicide just to get him to spill his coin guts.

The little guy below made a cameo in a gift guide post on design*sponge before the holidays, and I fell in love. I mean, a cork snout and a wooden bead tail?? Adorable and functional. He's for sale on Velocity, and comes in two sizes - small and large - for $20 and $30 respectively.

This next guy I saw at Target. They have this pig in every color and costume imaginable. (Did you guys see him dressed as a mummy last Halloween?? Too cute.) But when my sister and I saw him dressed up like a chalkboard, he was almost too cute to resist. And for only $12.99, I'm still questioning why we didn't pull the trigger.

And then came the hybrid from Ladies & Gentlemen. The cork-snouted chalkboard pig. Bestill my heart! Get out of here with that. And look at his pointy feet. Oh jeeze... but as with most hybrid animals, he comes with a hefty price tag - 60 big ones.

Last but not least is this bright Mexican Piggy Bank. I'm not sure what makes him Mexican, really. The Etsy seller is in Florida. But maybe she's from Mexico. Whatever the case, he's very cheerful. A bit smaller than I'm looking for, but he charms me with his droopy ears and pointy feet. (Again with the pointy feet!) For $34, he's handmade to order using a vintage mold from the 1960's. He also has a brother who's white.

I'm loving all of these guys, but I think I'm leaning towards Numero Uno clear-glass cork-snout pig. I think I will like seeing all of the coins filling his belly. It will also give me satisfaction when I'm able to point to him and say "Hey Todd! Look at all the coins that are not on the floor!" Yes. That will make me feel good.

Friday, January 7, 2011

hello again everybody.

image via cubby-blue

Holy Cow. I'm back. What just happened? Oh, let's just recap, shall we...

Begin: Friday, December 17th 2010 at 5:00am - on the road.

Three days full of driving and blurred Christmas-wedding-madness. Did that even happen?

Three days back at work, and three nights of crazy-lady-apartment-cleaning-mayhem.

One half-day at work, and then an immediate dive into 3 and a half days of travel-agent-family-Christmas-planner-hotel-hostess-with-the-mostest-insanity. Was Christmas even one of those days? It had to have been.

Two hours of hysterical-post-stress-breakdown.

Two days of juggling visiting-friend-time and nauseous-sick-time.

Four days of new-years-traveling-fun with the bf, bff and bfb (best-friend's-bro).

Two days off to allow for complete-body-meltdown.

End: Wednesday, January 5th 2011 at 10:00am - back to work.

The most stressful three weeks of MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. Hands down. No contest. I really hope the holidays never turn out like this ever again. The wedding was beautiful, my family all enjoyed our Christmas in Chicago, and I loved spending time with Todd and the Nee Bros in San Fran. But it didn't feel like Christmas to me. Or New Year's for that matter. It didn't feel joyful or festive. It didn't feel like the holiday season, which I usually like to celebrate for a good three months. And now I'm back in my routine and feeling a little out of sorts. I have forgotten what it feels like to have absolutely nothing on the horizon. No events, no holidays, no travel. I just get to be regular for a while. And concentrate on just MY stuff. Like MY apartment, and MY life, and MY boyfriend moving into MY OUR apartment! (That's right - you heard it here first! Or you already knew because we told you in person... either one.)

I feel like 2011 has big changes in store. Is it the "Space-Age" yet? I'm ready for flying cars and personal robots. (Like Rosie from The Jetsons, not killer robots that rebel against humans.)