Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's the real thing.

I have a Coca-Cola problem. It's a chronic condition I have been fighting totally embracing for most of my life. It's delicious. And refreshing. (As they say.)


My taste for this beverage is known throughout the lands. At my peak, (middle school and high school - when caffeine consumption was apparently my form of rebellion) I was probably drinking 6 cans a day. Yes, a full six-pack. One for breakfast, one for lunch, two after school, one for dinner, and one before bed. It's sad (awesome), but true. I probably should have started buying stock in the company as soon as I learned that two days worth of milk money bought me a Coke instead.

And don't ask if I would like a Pepsi, because I would not. Pepsi tastes like watered down Diet Coke. And Diet Coke is not real Coke. (Sorry Coca-Cola Co., it's not. And don't even get me started on "Coke Zero".) Here's a hilarious side tangent: Just the other night, I was at dinner with my sister at a new restaurant that opened on Division Street. Our waiter came over to take our drink orders, and I said "I'll have a Coke, if you've got it...", half expecting the "We have Pepsi, is that okay?" response. (see above) Instead, he said in a sing-song-y voice "Oooohhh, we actually have agave nectar cola, is that okaaay?" ... My sister claims I laughed in his face. I ordered a beer.

While I have (painstakingly) worked my daily intake of The Pause That Refreshes down to... wait for it... ONE per day* (I KNOW), our relationship is still real. It's the real thing.


*Okay, sometimes I have more than one. But fountain sodas shouldn't really count. If they don't have their mix right, it's mostly soda water anyway... right?


Leah said...

I'm proud of you! Now, do you think you can help me work on Dan Peat and his DMD problem?

stacey erin said...

Soda addictions are a serious issue. Maybe we can get on Intervention!