Thursday, January 20, 2011

penny porkers.

There are coins all over my floor. Todd has a charming habit of dropping coins (and reciepts and paper bits) from his pockets right out onto the floor... and leaving them there. This must have started long ago, because he seems to be used to it. There have been times that I stayed at his apartment and needed bus money/toll money/milk money for the day, and found at least $3.00 in change on the floor of his bedroom. It must happen when he drops trow. Though I've never had the same problem and I've been taking my pants off for over 20 years. (Not like that, creeps...) I often wonder how much money has been lost in his lifetime through the Loose Change on the Floor policy. It reminds me of the Clean House: 2010 Messiest Home in the Country episode when they found almost $2000 in loose change and lost cash in the family's home. That could be US! (Hopefully minus the "Messiest Home in the Country" title.)

It was Todd's idea to find a way to collect all of our loose change in one place and use it for our travels. Hmmm... if only someone would invent some sort of object in which to place your loose change... What's that you say? They did?! Stop the presses!

As with anything else, I'm very particular about the piglet who will grace our shelf. He must be large enough to hold lots of change, he must NOT be pink and/or plastic, he must be cute and he absolutely MUST have an "exit" hole... if you know what I mean. I will not commit pigicide just to get him to spill his coin guts.

The little guy below made a cameo in a gift guide post on design*sponge before the holidays, and I fell in love. I mean, a cork snout and a wooden bead tail?? Adorable and functional. He's for sale on Velocity, and comes in two sizes - small and large - for $20 and $30 respectively.

This next guy I saw at Target. They have this pig in every color and costume imaginable. (Did you guys see him dressed as a mummy last Halloween?? Too cute.) But when my sister and I saw him dressed up like a chalkboard, he was almost too cute to resist. And for only $12.99, I'm still questioning why we didn't pull the trigger.

And then came the hybrid from Ladies & Gentlemen. The cork-snouted chalkboard pig. Bestill my heart! Get out of here with that. And look at his pointy feet. Oh jeeze... but as with most hybrid animals, he comes with a hefty price tag - 60 big ones.

Last but not least is this bright Mexican Piggy Bank. I'm not sure what makes him Mexican, really. The Etsy seller is in Florida. But maybe she's from Mexico. Whatever the case, he's very cheerful. A bit smaller than I'm looking for, but he charms me with his droopy ears and pointy feet. (Again with the pointy feet!) For $34, he's handmade to order using a vintage mold from the 1960's. He also has a brother who's white.

I'm loving all of these guys, but I think I'm leaning towards Numero Uno clear-glass cork-snout pig. I think I will like seeing all of the coins filling his belly. It will also give me satisfaction when I'm able to point to him and say "Hey Todd! Look at all the coins that are not on the floor!" Yes. That will make me feel good.

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Kate Stopa said...

We have one of those! We call him the "Vacation Pig" and we leave all loose change in it and use it for vacations. Only the best part is.. he's dressed like he's going on vacation. He's packed up or else I'd send you a pic.