Thursday, June 16, 2011

pun-derful polish.

What's in a name, right? Well, when it comes to super-cute, pun-tastic names for things that I buy, I'm a total sucker. I'll spend an hour perusing ModCloth and LOL-ing (L-ing-OL?) at the names they come up with for all of their merch. Same goes for nail polish. Big time. (P.S. I'm back on the no-nail-biting train! Hooray!) These are my latest faves from Essie.

haute as HELLO.

I chose to capitalize the "hello". That's how I think it should be. You may have also noticed this shade on my toesies in Tuesday's post. I have since changed it to...

tart deco.

I realize now that these two corals look almost identical on the computer. They do not, however in real life.

absolutely shore.

What's that? A beach pun?? Sign me up. And since I'm already on the Essie bandwagon, I thought I'd try their stop-biting-your-nails polish too. Which, of course, is also cutely named.

grow faster.

No seriously. Grow faster. I want another mani/pedi.

images via essie.


TheCookieJarvis said...

This post makes me want an ice cream co-gone.

Carrie said...

TART DECO is easily one of my summer favs. :)