Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a bag a day.

I was perusing pinterest (as one is prone to do in the middle of the afternoon when you just cannot look at another spreadsheet/contract/report for one more second), when I came across this idea that my friend Abby had repinned (originally from here). It's a genius idea to break down the monumental job of decluttering your house into manageable daily tasks. One space per day. One bag per space. Brilliant.

I proposed the idea to Todd, and he liked it. So we're going to give it a shot! We plan to start next Wednesday - after the holiday weekend. And since we don't have kids, or a full size house, we probably don't have 40 spaces to clear out, like the original post had. (We did come up with a surprising 30, though.) We're also personalizing it a little more by adding a few tasks that need tackled, in addition to tossing things out, in order to declutter our apartment.

So, without further ado, here is our "30 spaces. 30 days." list:

30 spaces. 30 days.

Day 1 - Entryway.
Day 2 - Hang art on entry wall.
Day 3 - Living room – bookshelves: books.
Day 4 - Living room – bookshelves: movies and games.
Day 5 - Bathroom – cabinets and shelves.
Day 6 - Bathroom – under sink.
Day 7 - Hang art on bathroom wall.
Day 8 - Storage closet – upper shelf, Christmas d├ęcor.
Day 9 - Storage closet – coats and boots.
Day 10 - Storage closet – linens.
Day 11 - Storage closet – tools and misc.
Day 12 - Office cube bookshelf – music and scripts.
Day 13 - Office cube bookshelf – art and photography.
Day 14 - Office cube bookshelf – office supplies.
Day 15 - Remaining office space. Add leaf to table.
Day 16 - Kitchen cabinets – dishes and glassware.
Day 17 - Kitchen cabinets – pots and pans.
Day 18 - Kitchen shelves.
Day 19 - Kitchen cabinets – food and spices.
Day 20 - Kitchen drawers and under the sink.
Day 21 - Refrigerator.
Day 22 - Remove shelves above stove. Hang pegboard.
Day 23 - Bedroom – side tables.
Day 24 - Bedroom – dresser tops.
Day 25 - Bedroom – bags and accessories.
Day 26 - Bedroom – bookshelf.
Day 27 - Bedroom closet – upper shelves.
Day 28 - Remaining bedroom space.
Day 29 - Hang mirror in bedroom.
Day 30 - Jeep.

I'm not going to guarantee anything. But this project just seemed like it was worth a shot. Todd and I both want to get out apartment under control. And after our joint yard sale with some friends last weekend, we now have the other half of our office space back! We're feeling good and ready to tackle more of our mess.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

two year special.

Happy Birthday comeback special!

We're TWO today! Two years of blogging and I still feel a little bit like a beginner. But here's to another year of learning and over sharing!

image above via here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sweet nothings.

Faint of heart, please proceed with caution. These delovely little charms will knock your sock off. So hilarious, I could not resist sharing them with the world.

The "about" page of the In God We Trust website references designer Shana Tobor's "irreverent, often dark-witted, humor." (Kindred spirits? Mayhaps.) And I am loving their Sweet Nothings brass necklaces. Engraved with sayings that run the gamut between sweet and sinful ("With Love", "Willing & Able"), endearing and inappropriate ("Sweet Tits", "Finger Bang"), cheeky and profane ("Big Butt and a Smile", "Eat a Dick"). They had me dying of laughter, and of course thinking of my guys. (I really know how to pick 'em.) xoxo

this necklace is "really fuckin cute".

Thursday, August 4, 2011

oh, hey august.

So, apparently July is over. That's news to me. What a busy month. We were out of town every weekend except last, and even then I snuck out to the burbs for a tea in honor of Rachie, the bride-to-be. And I guess we weren't technically "out-of-town" for The Fourth, but Todd and I did spend the entire weekend at The Coachhouse (home to our friends Dominic, Dan, Leah and Dianna), going to the beach, swimming at the pool or laying in the park across the street, and barbecuing. Lot's of barbecuing. My favorite. (Sorry no pictures. We were busy having way too much fun!)

We ran home to Ohio for about 36 hours the next weekend for my Aunt Sandy's 60th birthday. We visited my grandma and then had a barbecue at Sandy and Rick's pool (just like when all the cousins were little). Todd manned the grill which made me smile. He fits in so well. And then Sunday morning, before we all got back on the road, we had family pictures in honor of this little lady:

. Elise . Ellie . EZ .

Couldn't you just die? She's absolutely the cutest. Todd and I also got to exercise our babysitting skills 2 weeks ago. He was a champ. Baby-whisperer, for sure. (And don't even ask, because no it did NOT make by uterus ache. I am happy playing with other people's babies, for sure.)

The next two weekends we were in Milwaukee. First for Todd's dad's birthday, and then again to visit with Todd's brother Matt, who was in from Minneapolis. I always enjoy going up there. There are always so many wonderful things to eat. (Todd's mom is a master in the kitchen.)

It's totally bumming me out that it's already August. It's funny that I still see my year like I did when I was in school. The way our seasons are at work, we're busiest from September/October through May/June. So September is always a bummer, because summer is "over" even though it may still be 80 degrees outside. I guess I better make the best of August!