Monday, April 25, 2011

dressing the part.

Spring is taking its good ol' time getting here, and I am doing everything I can to keep my chin up and my eyes on the prize. (The prize being warm weather and summertime fun, of course.) Our friends, Leah and Dan, recently got back from a week in Costa Rica (lucky ducks). When I saw Leah after they got back, she was sporting this super cute bag. She told me that when she saw it in the store, she knew it would be the perfect explorer bag for their trip. To which Dan responded "You just like to look the part, don't you?" Um... DUH! A girl has got to be prepared. I mean, you wouldn't go on a Costa Rican adventure with a clutch purse, would you? And I just so happen to have my own adventure on the (semi-distant) horizon that I am looking forward to. Day dreaming about this trip really gets me through these cold, rainy days weeks. And of course I am already planning my perfect National Parks Adventure wardrobe. (Todd says "Just pack a couple of t-shirts and some shorts. You don't have to look cute."... ugh, BOYS!)

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