Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sweet nothings.

Faint of heart, please proceed with caution. These delovely little charms will knock your sock off. So hilarious, I could not resist sharing them with the world.

The "about" page of the In God We Trust website references designer Shana Tobor's "irreverent, often dark-witted, humor." (Kindred spirits? Mayhaps.) And I am loving their Sweet Nothings brass necklaces. Engraved with sayings that run the gamut between sweet and sinful ("With Love", "Willing & Able"), endearing and inappropriate ("Sweet Tits", "Finger Bang"), cheeky and profane ("Big Butt and a Smile", "Eat a Dick"). They had me dying of laughter, and of course thinking of my guys. (I really know how to pick 'em.) xoxo

this necklace is "really fuckin cute".

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