Tuesday, October 25, 2011

heart and soul.

Sometimes there are people that you can always count on to bring you back up to where you need to be. Maybe you're feeling blue, or stressed, or manic, or overwhelmed, or straight up depressed. Just not feeling "you". But you see these people - for a drink, or a day, or a whole weekend - and you forget about everything else. You are at your best. You feel smart and successful and hilarious and like you could do anything or nothing and be totally content.

. Stay . Shay . A .

I spent last weekend in Washington DC with these beauts. I've known these girls since the first grade. We're pretty much the same now as we were then. Yeah... that's probably accurate.

We ate, we drank, we danced, we sang. We were straight up hooligans.
And we laughed for 48 straight hours.

One of the best weekends ever....
"We are BAAAAAACK! We are getting Doug BAAAAAACK!"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the sweetheart slingback.

A coworker told me today that she has been in 12 weddings. Twelve. Like, a dozen. (Not a baker's dozen. A regular dozen.) Twelve is a lot. I am only on my third, with a fourth on deck for summer 2012. So far, I've made out pretty well in terms of my required dress. (And, honestly, isn't that the main concern when agreeing to be in someone's bridal party?) I can't really give an example for the first wedding I was in because it was for a family friend in 2002, I was 18, and really had no involvement prior to showing up for the rehearsal. The dresses weren't great (sorry, Ily!), and I wore black strappy shoes with a square heel. But I mean, this was the era when a "formal" hair-do involved cornrow-like twists across the front of your head. For a post-millenium wedding, it worked. And will still probably be the fanciest wedding I ever attend.

Weddings 2 and 3 were/are for my high school buds Kate and Rachael (respectively). I blogged quite a bit last year about preparing for Kate's Christmas-y extravaganza, but I haven't been quite as chatty about getting ready for Rachie's day (which is coming up in just about THREE WEEKS!). Both girls are totally classic, and also awesome brides who were pretty much open to anything that made their ladies feel comfortable and pretty. Here's a little side by side comparison:

K & R | bridesmaids

dresses: the dessy group | black shoes: guess | grey shoes: nine west

Sweetheart necklines and peep-toe slingbacks anyone? Ha. I knew they were similar, but didn't realize how almost exact the details were until I put them side-by-side like that. Down to the pleating across the bust! It just goes to show that some styles can fit many personalities. In both wedding parties there are girls of all shapes, heights, and *ehem* bosoms. These dresses look drop-dead gorgeous on all the ladies. For reals, yo.

As for Number 4, the wedding of my good buddies Dan and Leah, we'll get to choose from a color palette and a couple styles. (I'm sticking with the Dessy options, since I am clearly a preferred customer already. My color choice is "meadow", btw.) Here's my top 3:

And look! Only one has a sweetheart neckline! (Who wants to bet that's the one I choose??) And just for s and g's, how about these nude beauties for my feet:

You know. Just to keep things consistent. (And yes, every girl has chosen a different color for shoes. And yes, that is the nude patent version of the pair I bought for Kate's wedding. They're ridic comfortable.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

made for each other.

Todd: I need a shower.
me: me too. I really needed one this morning.
Todd: me too.
me: but I put my hair in a pony tail with a headband instead.
Todd: I wore a tshirt and a lot of deodorant.
me: I forgot deodorant...
Todd: hahaha. stinky.
me: we are so pretty.

P.S. Sometimes we do actually shower. Also, sometimes my face is not so pale that it blends in with my white tshirt.

Monday, October 3, 2011


It is this little boy's 25th birthday today!

Can we just talk about how adorable he is for one second? (Please note the Mickey Mouse hat. True love.)
Happy Birthday, Bub!