Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i think tomorrow is a say-something-hat day.

I need a sun hat. After spending 3 consecutive days at the beach/park/pool last weekend, I have decided that yes, a fabulous wide-brimmed sun hat is indeed a necessity. I've been trying them on in every store I happened into for the past few months, but nothing has quite struck me yet. So I have turned my search online-wards.

1. Jessica Simpson Large Bow Sunhat - Norstrom - $38 - The red details and bow are very feminine. Perhaps too feminine for a girl who jammed her finger catching a football in the park last weekend? Perhaps. I think this one is better worn with a dress than a bathing suit.
2. Natural Cut Out Floppy Hat - Topshop - $44 - The cut-outs and smaller bow are very cute, but I think the brim would let too much sun through and defeat my purpose for wearing it. And I'm not big on black - is that weird?
3. By The Sea Hat - Roxy - $28 - One of my favorites. Casual, classic, beachy, cheap.
4. August Large Floppy Straw Hat - Nordstrom - $40 - I love this olive green option with a slightly western-style crown. However, my dark hair absorbs all heat and sunlight, so the idea is to have something light on my head to reflect the rays. Sorry green hat...
5. San Diego Hat Company Ultrabraid Belted Hat - Zappos - $48 - I LOVE this classic look. I feel like I would need to get large Jackie O sunglasses and a retro-inspired one-piece swimsuit to go along with it.
6. Juicy Couture Stripe Straw Hat - Nordstrom - $78 - I love stripes. And coral. Perfection. A little too rich for my blood though. (Psst! It also comes in turquoise! And white!)
7. Lurex Carwheel Hat - Zara - $20 - Another inexpensive, classic beach hat.
8. Echo Braided Floppy Hat - Zappos - $38 - Also a favorite. This one is classic with a twist. The braided detail around the brim makes me feel like I'm not buying the same hat as every other girl.
9. Ombre Floppy Beach Hat - American Eagle - $20 - BAM! Saved the best for last didn't I? Oh, Ombre Beach Hat. Won't you please come home with me?

Which one would you choose??

(Bonus awesome points if you know the quote that is the title of this post.)