Thursday, August 4, 2011

oh, hey august.

So, apparently July is over. That's news to me. What a busy month. We were out of town every weekend except last, and even then I snuck out to the burbs for a tea in honor of Rachie, the bride-to-be. And I guess we weren't technically "out-of-town" for The Fourth, but Todd and I did spend the entire weekend at The Coachhouse (home to our friends Dominic, Dan, Leah and Dianna), going to the beach, swimming at the pool or laying in the park across the street, and barbecuing. Lot's of barbecuing. My favorite. (Sorry no pictures. We were busy having way too much fun!)

We ran home to Ohio for about 36 hours the next weekend for my Aunt Sandy's 60th birthday. We visited my grandma and then had a barbecue at Sandy and Rick's pool (just like when all the cousins were little). Todd manned the grill which made me smile. He fits in so well. And then Sunday morning, before we all got back on the road, we had family pictures in honor of this little lady:

. Elise . Ellie . EZ .

Couldn't you just die? She's absolutely the cutest. Todd and I also got to exercise our babysitting skills 2 weeks ago. He was a champ. Baby-whisperer, for sure. (And don't even ask, because no it did NOT make by uterus ache. I am happy playing with other people's babies, for sure.)

The next two weekends we were in Milwaukee. First for Todd's dad's birthday, and then again to visit with Todd's brother Matt, who was in from Minneapolis. I always enjoy going up there. There are always so many wonderful things to eat. (Todd's mom is a master in the kitchen.)

It's totally bumming me out that it's already August. It's funny that I still see my year like I did when I was in school. The way our seasons are at work, we're busiest from September/October through May/June. So September is always a bummer, because summer is "over" even though it may still be 80 degrees outside. I guess I better make the best of August!

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