Sunday, February 20, 2011

domestic partners.

It's getting close! One week from tomorrow, Todd and I will be officially moved in together. "Shacked up" if you will. (I'm sure my dad loves that term.) That's right. Our books are combined. Our laundry is mingling. (Too much? But still true.) And the greatest part? We can get a joint Costco account! I know. I know. The excitement of bulk goods is overwhelming.

We bought a rug last week. (Not from Costco, from Home Goods. Love HG.) I don't know why I feel like that is symbolic of this milestone, but I kind of do. And it was on sale! About now you're probably thinking back and saying to yourself "Oh yeah... I remember... Didn't she start this blog to talk about projects she was going to do around her apartment?" Yes I did. Thanks for the reminder! Well, now that I have my main man on me like glue about cleaning and organizing our home here to help me clean and organize, I'm super excited about turning this blog back around and sharing projects large and small. (Like eventually unrolling the rug that we bought last week...)

I was hoping to have something more exciting for this post, but I guess I don't. So here's another gratuitous photo of me and the Toddmeister. (I've never actually called him that... but it felt appropriate for that sentence.) (Also, does it make me more cool or less cool for using the word "gratuitous" two posts in a row? I'm thinking more.)

This image is pretty accurate. Bring it on, Future.

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TheCookieJarvis said...

congratulations - I can't wait to come up and see the new joint apartment! Ps... my sister got accepted into a PhD program at Northwestern and will be most likely moving up to Chi-town!!