Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm excited. Like, super excited. Why? Because it's Valentimes! (As in "time for Valentine's Day".) Definitely my most favorite of holidays - I don't care what anybody says. Attached, betrothed, hitched or single, I have always and will always LOVE this day. Because it's all about the love, people. A special day to tell all those special people in your life how special your love for them really is. Special.

Although previous incarnations of my celebration included boxes covered with wrapping paper and doilies, breakfast with my family before school (Dad always had roses for all 3 of his ladies), wearing my "Somebody in Ohio Loves Me" t-shirt (this tradition stays) and carrying a red gift bag filled with candy to share, the classic exchange on this day o' LOVE is of course The Valentine. A card with a sweet message to say "I love you".

Um, how cute are these? The correct answer is this: SO cute! The otters are my favorites. I'm sorry to post such a tease (they're almost all sold out!) but these wooden valentines from Mod Cloth were too adorable not to share.

When it comes to love, honesty is always the best policy. So I am totally into these v-cards that tell it like it is.

from up up creative on etsy. (click for bigness)

And oh by the way...

it's true.


TheCookieJarvis said...

I saw those cards over at ModCloth too and how cute!?!?! Also, you're forgetting the absolute best way to spend a Valentimes:

Stacey said...

I COULD NEVER FORGET! Monster Jam brings out the true meaning of Valentine's Day. (That was a-theBEST!)