Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what a differnce a day makes.

I took the day off last Friday. Todd and I drove up to Milwaukee for the weekend. We've done this countless times before, but it always involved leaving after I got off work on a Friday night and returning early on Sunday so Todd could get to work/rehearsal on time. This trip was different and you could tell. We had a lazy morning on Friday and then drove up to Carthage College to have lunch with Todd's cousin Georgia before her afternoon class, which ended up being canceled so we were able to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon around town and still make it up to Milwaukee by 5:30. (On our normal trips, I wouldn't have even left work by that time.) We had a wonderfully casual weekend with Todd's parents - eating and shopping. (Every time Todd goes home his mother says "What are you wearing? You need new clothes.") So I picked up a couple lovely little items for myself.

Okay, so I didn't actually buy that amazingly soft green leather clutch at the Coach Outlet, but I did drool over it for as long as Todd would let me. He even offered to split the cost with me if it was something I really wanted. (Even though he and I both know we have to save our dinero for Puerto Rico. But it was sweet of him to offer - one of the many reasons to love him.) Although I did use our trip as an excuse to purchase that airy white cotton v-neck sweater. I will keep me warm on a cool night on the patio and it will be easy to throw on over my bathing suit to protect me from the sun on our island day trips.

The sun stayed out all weekend and on Sunday we ventured out to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Even if a lot of the animals were still hibernating, it was a really nice way to round out the weekend. When we finally got back to the city around 9:00 on Sunday night, we felt like we had been gone for a whole week. Mental note: take a Friday off every once in awhile and get out of town.

Monday, March 22, 2010

you lovely island.

Todd and I finally booked our flight! In less than six weeks we will be snorkeling, laying in the sun, eating comida delicioso, exploring beaches and hiking through a rain forest. We're staying near San Juan at a wonderful little guest house in Punta Las MarĂ­as and renting a car so we can explore the whole island. I cannot wait to smell salt water and walk in sand... I'm telling you, if my body is not exposed to tropical climates at least once every six months I start to shut down. Time to get a tan and reboot!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

baby, let's play house.

As I mentioned in previous posts (like this one and this one), I have been on a quest to create a home in the apartment that Kristen and I moved into last June. Yes, it's been almost a year. Yes, it still looks like we just moved in. Yes, it is driving me crazy.

I've never been able to really pull it together in any apartment I've ever lived in, and, at 26, I am tired of living in an environment that makes me feel like I'm still in college. I have too much stuff.

What I'm trying to work on right now is color. We are so neutral that it makes me sick. Cream walls, white trim, chocolate brown chair, cream couch, black-brown bookshelves, tobacco brown table/chairs/bar stools/cabinets, caramel brown floors... Too many different browns. Our kitchen opens up into our living room, with a dining nook off to the side that opens onto our balcony. We have no rugs, no art, no curtains. There are some red accents in the kitchen already, but I don't want too much more red anywhere else - just enough to tie it in. Kristen and I both like green, and I'd like to incorporate some blue and/or yellow. I know that sounds like I may as well paint a rainbow on our ceiling and be done with it, but this is more what I had in mind:

I've been in love with this print for awhile, and how convenient that IKEA decided to make curtains out of it. I love the red berries against the cool greens and blues. I found a teal rug and some green throw pillows at Crate and Barrel that I can get using the gift certificates that Santa brought. And there's a bright red rug (for only $50) that I'm thinking about getting for under the table and chairs in the dining area. (After that - no more red.)

If I counted up all of the "Grand Plans" I've come up with, this is probably about Plan J or K. But I have a date with my sister this Saturday to bring this one to life. Cross your fingers that I make it happen, and that it looks as lovely in real life as it does in my head.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

let the sun shine.

The sun was shining and the inside of my car was warm when I left for work this morning.

We are definitely headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

on my honor, i will try.

...to serve God and my country,
to help people at all times,
and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Apparently, not all Girl Scout Cookies are created equal. Last year, upon being presented with my first Girl Scout Cookie purchasing opportunity in a very very long time, I found myself in unfamiliar territory... Cookies with names like "Peanut Butter Patties", "Lemon Pastries", "Peanut Butter Sandwiches", "Shortbread" and "Caramel deLites".

Pardon me... I said, But where can I purchase a box of Samoas??

The Girl Scout's mother replied, What is a Samoa?

What is a Samoa?? What alternate Girl Scout Universe had I landed in?? Begrudgingly, I ordered one box each of the so-called "Caramel deLites", "Peanut Butter Patties", and "Shortbread". Upon delivery, I found that the boxes were still the same... the names were still wrong. Had my beloved Cookies gone PC?? I had to investigate.

Apparently there are TWO licensed bakeries that make the Official Girl Scout Cookies - Little Brownie Bakers of Louisville, KY (Yay!) and ABC Bakers of Richmond, VA (Boo.) - and each bakery is allowed to name their cookies whatever they want. (With the exception of Thin Mints. A Thin Mint is apparently a Thin Mint, no matter where you get it.) It is up to each Girl Scout Council to choose which bakery they will purchase their cookies from each year. So look out! Not only are these cookies called something different, but they are made from separate (albeit similar) recipes too. I knew I wasn't crazy when I said those "Caramel deLites" tasted fishy.

By now, I think you can imagine how relieved and excited I was when an order form was passed around at work last month and I was greeted by familiar friends: Tagalongs, Lemon Chalets, Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils and... Samoas. Brought to you by the craftsmen (and women) at Little Brownie Bakers.

Ahh... The world is right again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

get sprung.

It's March! Time for Spring.

I'm ready for light jackets and no gloves. I'm ready for open windows. I'm ready for outdoor seating at restaurants.

I have NO plans until the 26th, and until then I want to get my life back in order. Kristen and I moved into our place almost 10 months ago, and my bedroom still looks like it did on day 2. I need to do some serious spring cleaning. And purging. Everything I own should have a place, and that place should not be "in a pile in the corner."