Monday, December 5, 2011

fall frenzy.

So, I guess November happened. You wouldn't know it by reading my blog though.

Let me just break down my fall season for you:
Four days in Phoenix for Rachael's Bachelorette Party. Todd's 25th Birthday. Alterations appointment #1 for bridesmaid dress. Order shoes for wedding. Don't fit. Return. Todd's brother Matt, his girlfriend Sarah, and his friend Nate stay with us while in town to run the Chicago Marathon. My high school friend Evan stays with us the following weekend, while in town for a convention. Stefanie's 29th Birthday. Job offer(!). My 28th Birthday. Notify current employer of new job offer. Discussions. Lots of discussions. Alterations appointment #2 for bridesmaid dress. Accept new position. Give notice to current employer. Sad. Exciting. Weekend in Washington DC with these beauties. Just what I needed. Stef goes to Mexico. Water Stef's menagerie of plants. Try not to kill them. Think about writing Maid of Honor toast. Panic. Order two pairs of shoes for wedding. One fits. Success. Clean apartment for 4 days straight in preparation for Justin's arrival. Halloween. (I went as Rosie the Riveter.) Clean again. Write Maid of Honor toast. Laundry. Justin arrives. Rachael's wedding weekend spectacular: Rehearsal/Dinner, drinks at the hotel, sleep-over, WEDDING DAY, drinks at the hotel, brunch, family hang-out time. A whole week of more Justin. Another wedding for a high school friend, just outside of Chicago. Send Justin home. Last week at old job. Two days. First day at NEW JOB. Thanksgiving. First full week at new job. Weekend in Milwaukee. Now.

Okay, you're up to speed. I'll do a better job of filling in the gaps later. As soon as I have a moment to breathe. So maybe in January.


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TheCookieJarvis said...

Oh my - busy bee! I haven't been able to blog much either due to computer issues, etc. What is your new job?? How exciting!!