Friday, May 13, 2011

sweep those clouds away.

Hello summer! As expected, Chicago has completely skipped over the season of spring and gone straight for summer. Fine by me - I just wish it would start earlier in the year!

In case I have not mentioned it previously, I have declared this the Year Of The Dress, and it is in full force this week! (Yes, skirts are counting for YOTD. Anything that's not connected between the legs is progress for this all-jeans-all-the-time girl. Actually, even shorts are a step in the right direction.) 3 dresses and this lovely skirted ensemble in 6 days. My friend Di and I hit the outlets on our way to Michigan last weekend, so I needed to showcase some of my new goods. Picture this look, but my skirt is chartreuse. (J.Crew Factory only features the coral option in their online store. P.S. did enyone else hear my head explode when they started offering their factory merch on the weekends?!) And my Vera scarf is actually greens and blues. However, after showcasing this substitute color scheme, I may have to order my skirt in a second color and start a hunt for a similar Vera scarf to the one pictured. Oh summer, I love you.

And I have to mention these sandals by BASS. My mother had these for my whole childhood, and as soon as we grew into them (maybe even before) my sister and I would always steal them. I don't know what happened to Mom's pair, but I found these shopping at the outlets last fall and could not go home without them. I got the tan (Mom's were brown) and they are the most comfortable sandals in the world. The best part of this whole story is the style name of the sandals... Sharon. Just like my momma. Sometimes I wonder if that's why she bought them in the first place!

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Leah said...

I love that those sandals are the ones your mom used to wear! I remember my mom wearing penny loafers when I was really young and I bought a pair of red ones last year. Oh how we act like we don't want to be like our moms, but we really do. :)