Monday, July 26, 2010

bridal showering.

Another bullet point crossed off my summer to-do list!

Kate's Christmas in July bridal shower was two weekends ago in our hometown, and I kept forgetting to post about it. Friday was spent at a few wedding appointments, including a dress fitting where Kate's sister, aunt and I got to see her in THE dress for the first time! (Sorry folks, no photos. Not before The Big Day!) We also had cake for breakfast, which is one of my favorite pastimes. David (the groom) met with the cake guy afterward about a groom's cake that apparently made Kate's mom and aunt cry because it was such a sweet idea. We'll have to wait and see!

Bridesmaids 5 and 6 (Mallory - Kate's college friend - and Cynthia - David's college friend) couldn't make it to the shower, since they live further away. But the other four of us held down the fort at the Christmas-y extravaganza!

Eileen (David's sister), Emily (Kate's sister and Maid of Honor), Kate (The Bride), Me (Kate's BVF and bow tie-er), and Peggy (David's sister)

And I love this one of me and Kate, after she had been showered and just before her adoring public had to hit the road.

Notable background items (from left to right): Billy (the youngest Tull, wandering through the flowers), Kate's sweet ride, my sweet ride, and The Tull Van (They have seven kids!)

I also crossed off another bbq bullet point, because Todd, Dan, Dom and I had an awesome one during their "bro" weekend (their girlfriends were out of town) a few weeks ago. Apparently, I am a "bro". I have a most excellent picture of the three of us visiting Todd at work and taking a boat cruise to watch some Saturday fireworks, but Dom hasn't scanned it in yet. Trust me. It's great.

I'm a little disappointed about the rate at which these bullet points are being crossed off. The Big Move really put a damper on my summer festivities in June and July. But August is right around the corner. Bring it on!

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