Tuesday, July 6, 2010

work with what you got.

I'm in.

Finally, I am in my new apartment. Not unpacked, but in nonetheless. Now the real work begins. For a rental, I think this one would qualify as a "fixer-upper." There is definitely some maintenance that needs to take place. Some water damage around the windows, a broken bathroom mirror... but thankfully, the property management company will take care of those things. They will also be taking care of getting the apartment painted back to "rental white".

I hesitate to even post the pictures I am about to show you. Whoever it was that painted this apartment previously... lets just say... they were no Picasso. As a disclaimer, I would also like to say (a) that these are not my belongings, and (b) please do not judge my photographic skills based on these shots.

Here is the bedroom. I have only three words: navy blue ceiling.

A nice size, but awfully dark even with the... ehem... baby blue accent walls and trim. (In case you were wondering, yes, the inside of the closet is also baby blue. How did you know?)

Second bedroom/guest room, which for me will serve as a dining room/office. It's just off the kitchen and has two pocket "french" doors.

Yes, these are photos of the same room. (Notice the futon.) And, you guessed it... baby blue inside this closet too. The same baby blue as the bedroom? Of course not. Because one needs a variety of baby blues in their home.

Now, I've never been much of a clean freak or germaphobe, but for some reason... yikes. I'd like to douse this place in bleach. Maybe it's because I plan on staying here for a while and putting a lot of effort into making this a nice place to live. I just want a clean start, and don't want to look at a window frame or a corner and say to myself, "That is definitely not my dirt." And there is no better motivation to clean than photos of somebody else's filth in your new bathroom.

If you look pass the mess (which is now gone, obviously), you will notice a missing mirror panel, terrible bulb choices, a boarded up window, along with the terrible red paint job on the wainscoting. (Again, not the same red as in Bedroom No. 2, of course.) At this juncture I should also mention that my towels are bright green. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Shower. (The red has got to go.)

The kitchen and entryway are fine. (Again, kitchen just needed a thorough scrub-down.) And the living room is a lovely shade of grey, but will have to be painted white again after the water damage is fixed.

So this is my new home project. Wish me luck - I'm diving in.

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Leah said...

They didn't give the place a huge scrub down before you moved in? You should hire a cleaning service and make them reimburse you. The place looks cute and spacious, despite the awful color choices. Can't wait to see what you do with it!