Tuesday, July 13, 2010

christmas in july.

As I have mentioned several times before, my beary vest friend Kate is getting married in December! The bridal shower is this weekend, and the theme is "Christmas in July" - in honor of their holiday nuptials. So I have pulled together a few Christmas-inspired gift ideas for anyone else with a holiday bride, holiday-themed party, or maybe you know someone who just needs a little Christmas cheer.

Clockwise from Top-Left:
3-Piece Cooper Vase Set - Crate and Barrel - $24.95 - The brushed stainless steel adds a frosty element to the gift. These would look lovely with small sprigs of holly berries and pine.
Lacoste Crocod'il Solid Towel Set in Chili Pepper - Zappos.com - $43.00 - Maybe I'm partial to these towels (I have them in green)... But they're very fluffy, and with the little croc emblem on the corner, there's just a touch of green popping off those bright red towels. Package them in a reusable green storage bin, like one of these from The Container Store.
A La Mode Pie Dishes - Crate and Barrel - $4.95/$14.95 - Who doesn't love red in the kitchen? Grab a couple of the individual dishes and print out a few of your favorite pie and/or casserole recipes for a personal touch.
Wood Boxes with Lacquered Lids in Poinsettia - West Elm - $14.00/$29.00 - The color is called "Poinsettia"; it was obviously meant to be. These functional boxes could also serve as wrapping for smaller, more personal gifts. In the larger one, include a photo frame or a personalized journal to document memories from their honeymoon or their first year of marriage. In one of the smaller ones, maybe a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant. Stack them on top of each other and tie with an ivory ribbon.
Classic Century Salt and Pepper Set - Crate and Barrel - $38.95 - A personal favorite. I envision these sitting on a Whoville dinner table, right next to the roast beast.
Stewart Apron/Potholder and Mitt Set - Crate and Barrel - $12.95/$16.95 - Pair these olive green treats with some red kitchen utensils, much like the ones listed next.
Giada De Laurentiis Nylon Tool Set - Target - $19.99 - See above. Giada has some great cookware at Target right now. A lot of red and ivory items - perfect for our holiday theme!
Beaded Jewelry Box - Pottery Barn - $59.00/$99.00 - I love engraved gifts. (I've been known to go overboard with them.) But there's something so special for a bride about seeing her new initials, and a lovely silver jewelry box is a beautiful gift for any season.
Faux-Sheepskin Throw - Pottery Barn - $99.00 - Every newlywed couple needs something cuddly to curl up under while roasting chestnuts on an open fire. And if, hypothetically, your bride happens to have a stuffed sheep who has seen better days and may not have a place on the marriage bed, this would be a wonderful way to honor said sheep and give your bride a good snuggle substitute. Hypothetically.

Kate, I know you read this. Don't be surprised if one of these gifts is actually yours by Sunday. But also, don't be disappointed if none of them are. xoxo, BVF.

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