Wednesday, July 28, 2010

style stunted.

You wouldn't know it from my pseudo-preppy, J. Crew heavy wardrobe - but I have long coveted the fashion stylings of the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Anything worn between WWII and the Civil Rights Movement. I used to search AOL (is that how we found things before Google?) for "swing dresses", "rockabilly" and "pencil skirts", long before they were hip for my generation. Definitely long before they were age-appropriate. Imagine my twiggy 12-year old body trying to fill out something made for a 36-24-36! (Note: I would still struggle with that first 36, but that's why they make padded bras.)

Somehow, as I got older, I never executed the styles I had been dreaming of ever since I watched White Christmas for the first time and saw my first Shirley Temple movie. I'm not sure why not. There are girls out there who seem to execute is so well. From the hair to the glasses to the shoes. They've got it right. (Like my b-fri Lindsay - I've never seen blunt bangs and high waist shorts look so cute.) What about me? Well, it all just seems like so much work! Do you know how long it must have taken women to get ready back then? I barely give myself time to brush my hair, let alone style it into something attractive. And make-up? It's hard to find time for more than a little powder and some mascara. Skirts and dresses mean you have to shave your legs, right?

I've been secretly perusing the dresses, skirts and accessories on a site called Daddy-O's since I was about 14. I've never ordered anything, but I think my next wardrobe splurge is going to be one of these:

Sydney dress by Stop Staring

Temptress dress by Stop Staring

After watching the Mad Men premiere, and checking in with Lindsay again on her new blog, I'm again itching for a nostalgic fashion fusion in my wardrobe. I even wore a cutie-pie dress, pearls and heels to work today. Maybe I'll even update this post with a picture later... (after I brush my hair and put on a little make-up, of course!) Baby steps.

So what do you think? Could I pull off the Sydney? What about the Temptress?

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TheCookieJarvis said...

So um Ahhhfirst of all... thank you for the shout outs! Secondly, I have the sydney dress and it is SO GORGEOUS and Flattering!!! So well made such a wonderful fancy occasion dress. You could TOTALLY pull off one of these... they're nice because they're sort of all inclusive outfits... nothing to figure out because all the details are already there (even the adorable matching belt). I also like these types of dresses b/c it looks better the simpler you make it. It's too much if you try to load on the jewelry or wear loud shoes.

I like to pair with either white, brown/tan, or dark red simple heels and no jewelry (or maybe a small string of pearls..ooh!) and some pretty hair clip might be nice (I love orchids).

Anyway - YES you would totally love playing around with vintage fashions, it is so much fun and really not as much work as you think once you get used to it.

On a totally unrelated note, "they're not dancing anymore they're doing choreography"