Wednesday, July 14, 2010

white out.

They're painting my apartment today. Except the bedroom (which will be painted on another day), because last night I panicked when I envisioned little white kitten paw prints all over the floors. Batman and Lester are holed up in the (still navy/baby blue) bedroom today while the rest of the place is being spackled, primed and painted. I'm going to return home tonight to a blank canvas. Great because the red/baby blue/water damage situation will be taken care of. But now I'm feeling anxious because I HATE WHITE WALLS. And now all of my walls (except my yellow kitchen) will be white. My sister thinks I'm crazy. She loves white walls. But white walls look unfinished to me. Temporary. Like no one actually lives in the space - they're just keeping their stuff there.

image via here

Here's hoping I feel inspired and motivated when I get home tonight - and not hopeless and uncomfortable in my own apartment.

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