Thursday, May 27, 2010

great (summer) expectations.

Memorial Day weekend is already here. (Unbelievable, I know.) And I'm determined to make something out of the 3 short months of beautiful weather that Chicago allows each year.

That said, here are my grand (and some practical) plans for the next few months:

. find my new apartment (!)
. bbq, bbq, bbq
. weekend camping trip with all the friends (yes, Leah - even you.)
. have security installed in my car (no repeats of last summer's fiasco, thankyouverymuch)
. road trip to Cedar Point with Todd (any any other takers)
. Saturdays at the beach
. make Justin come visit now that it's warm
. get a bicycle (? - I'm not yet convinced of this idea)
. get a bike rack for the Jeep
. weekend in NYC to see Shay and to check in on Kristen (and to see Promises, Promises)
. paint my (hypothetical) new apartment and attempt other nesting projects
. weekend home for Kate's dress fitting/food tasting/bridal shower
. head back to the gym
. camp down at the dunes and go to the drive-in movie theater in Valpo, IN
. spend a day on Dom's boat in Michigan (he doesn't know this yet.)
. Cubs games: friends, beers, sunshine, hot dogs
. go to some of the Movies in the Parks

Totally do-able.

I'll be crossing them off as they are completed.

1 comment:

Leah said...

I will go bike shopping with you. I want a new one that doesn't weigh 50 lbs. And you already know my requirements for camping, air conditioning and NOT sleeping on the ground!