Wednesday, November 10, 2010

little black dress. (or gray. or red!)

As I may have mentioned several times before, my beary vest friend Kate is getting married in December. Being the over-enthusiastic bridesmaid that I am (I love weddings! I've even dabbled with the idea of wedding planning as a future career... anybody know anybody who needs an assistant??), I'm already looking for the perfect dress to wear for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and welcome cocktails the night before The Big Day. I don't often get dressed up in the winter months (here in Chicago, we usually hibernate between November and April), although I love the look of a pretty dress with tights, a wool coat and cute scarf.

I am in need of a little black dress for just these types of occasions, but apparently my tastes gravitate more towards the little gray dress, a la this number from J.Crew (where else?)?

If I wanted something closer to black, it also comes in a darker charcoal color. But me and heather gray are like peas in a pod. And with a flashy belt or necklace, and dark gray tights... and oh! Gray shoes! Sign me up.

Of course, as anyone who has ever had a wedding, been in a wedding, or attended a wedding could tell you, they are quite a shock to the old pocketbook. And though my love for J. Crew knows no bounds, my bank account certainly does. So I scouted out these less expensive, but equally lovely options from LOFT:

And a red dress to honor the Christmas wedding? DUH! Love it. (It also comes in black, should I choose to go the more demure route.)

The bridesmaid dresses come in this week (fingers crossed), and we're about 5 weeks out from The Big Day. Let the frenzy begin!


TheCookieJarvis said...

OOH - you can help me with my wedding!! The dresses are all so darling - esp the red one. I love heather gray - it's the best. woot.

Carrie said...

Oooooh I love the LOFT gray number! I think even a fun colored shoe if you did monotone gray on gray (tights) would jazz it up!