Thursday, November 18, 2010

a letter to the man.

Dear Santa,

I need a new purse. Like a good purse. Like a really good purse. Enough of this dilly dallying with sub-par bags that only meet some of my requirements because A) they're cheap, B) they're trendy... and cheap, or C) did I say cheap? I need a purse to which I can make a full commitment. I'm not the kind of girl who needs a different bag for every outfit. I'm a creature of habit. I have one pair of sunglasses. I carry one bag. I mean, I am usually wearing a version of the same thing every day. Dark wash skinny jeans? Check. Top-siders, All-Stars, or Cowboy boots? Check. T-shirt and cardigan? Check. Scarf of varying sizes and weights? Check. The Perfect Bag? *sigh*

This is where you come in, Santa. Here are my criteria:
  • leather. Leather, leather, leather.
  • brass hardware. None of that shiny nickel crap.
  • structured bottom and sides. I usually have papers of some sort in my purse (catalogs, pay stubs, love letters, etc.) and floppy bags = big mess o' crap.
  • medium sized. Big enough to hold said "big mess 'o crap", but not so big that it encourages additional extraneous crap. The perfect travel size.
  • one strap, or the option of one strap. Double straps = one slidey-down strap. I hate that slidey-down strap.
  • zip-top. A must when you live in a city, and when traveling. Zips keep wandering hands from grabbing your valuables. They also prevent huge spills of your big mess o' crap all over your back seat when you toss your purse willy-nilly into your back seat.
  • good sized top opening. Big enough so you can see everything without having to dig around in the dark abyss.
  • no huge brandings. A small horse drawn carriage, or printed buckle here or there is okay. I just don't want someone else's initials all over my stuff.
  • if there is a longer shoulder strap, it should be detachable. Okay, now I'm just getting picky...
  • one or two exterior pockets are a plus. For easy access to keys and/or phone. But not too many... then it just looks bulky.

So there you go. For your convenience, I have done a little pre-holiday scouting. Here are two options I'm drooling over.

The Kristin Pleated Satchel from Coach. Either in Emerald or Coral. (They call it "Tearose"... The teal is sold out. But, oh the teal!) Obviously green is my fav color (obviously), but it may be more condusive to all four seasons. The coral is a bit spring/summer.

OMG, the kate spade Darien Gloss "Joyce". In Oyster. Yum x1000. I'm pretty sure I almost bought this exact bag at the outlet. And it's ON SALE! Hurry Santa!!

Thanks in advance for at least considering it. I promise to take care of it and be totally devoted to my one true bag. You're the best. (I can't believe I didn't pick a brown one either!)



TheCookieJarvis said...

May I suggest Etienne Aigner... I finally bit the bullet and committed to one of his purses last year.

Stacey said...

Gracias for the suggestion. I will have to peruse his "moichandise".