Wednesday, November 3, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year.

That's right. I'm one of those people. The people who love the Christmas season so much that they start listening to holiday music on November 1st.

And this season is extra special because my family is celebrating here in Chicago this year! We're gathering at a hotel downtown, and I want to make sure that it still feels warm and filled with the holiday spirit. So I'm scouting out ideas for simple (Read: inexpensive) decorations to make/gather/bring to deck our rented halls. Here are a few ideas from Martha that started my imagination gears turning.

This favor tree was one of the first to catch my eye, if for no other reason than it's simplicity. Since everyone (else) is traveling this year, we won't be exchanging gifts. But as soon as I saw this tree I envisioned cookies hanging from ribbons in lieu of the gift boxes! Last year was my first adventure into from-scratch cookie baking and it went pretty well. I'm really excited to re-work the recipe this year, and would love to be able to share my efforts with my family and create a make-shift Christmas tree at the same time.

Martha never ceases to amaze. This cotton ball tree is simple, cute and easy. I definitely had grandiose dreams of bringing my 5 foot Christmas tree to the hotel to decorate, but decided that may be a bit much for our first go-round. I'm definitely tucking this idea away for the future though.

These mini felt stockings are the perfect travel size. I had been thinking stockings would be a great way to add a cheerful sense of family, especially if some members are unable to make it. (We'd still have stockings for them of course.) I don't know if I'm up to crafting 20 stockings, but there's a dollar store down the street that just started stocking their holiday goodies.

How adorable is this baby sock advent calendar? I'm dying over here. And what a great way to get your kids socks for Christmas without the usual "Greaaat... Just what I wanted..." response! Though, with 25 days on an advent calendar, I would hope that the treat in the 25th sock would be the 26th sock to complete the pair. Perhaps an adaptation of this will appear for our family holiday this year. And perhaps everyone's matching sock will appear on Christmas morning!

The gears are turning folks! Happy Holiday Season!

images via martha

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TheCookieJarvis said...

uughhh - I LOVE X-MAS!! That cotton ball tree is adorable, what a great idea!