Monday, August 16, 2010

i see your point.

I hinted last week at a new hobby I picked up, and I finally have finished projects to share with you! So the story goes like this... two Fridays ago, I was planning on a quiet evening at home and stopped at JoAnn Fabrics on my way home from work. (I thought I'd see if they had anything to help organize my art supplies/photos/life.) While wandering through the aisles, I came across these adorable "Learn-To-Sew" needlepoint kits. (My mom had bought kits like these for my sister and me when we were little.) Well the kitten on the package reminded my of Lester and I though "YES!" and decided to tackle the kit and personalize two of them to look like Lester and Batman. Here is what I started with:

black frames, "Learn-To-Sew" needlepoint kit, kitten colored yarn

And what I ended up with are THESE!

Batman and Lester

I know. I know. Crazy-cat-lady. But how cute?! And just picture them on a gallery wall mixed in with other artwork and photography.

I wasn't able to share the final product until now because I stopped half way through these to start another needlepoint project for Todd's cousin's baby shower that I attended yesterday. I was inspired by how easy good I was at this new hobby of mine that I decided to take it one step further. I bought a sheet of plastic canvas (that's the grid that you work with), a couple additional colors of yarn, and marked off three 5"x5" squares on some graph paper and went to work.

I searched online for needlework patterns, but couldn't come up with anything good. So I looked at a few embroidery images and created my own patterns for a trilogy of sea creatures (with optional bow for the octopus):

There was definitely some trial and error involved, but I was really pleased with them when I was done. And they were a hit at the bridal shower! A couple women actually thought I had bought them at Pottery Barn Kids. (I can feel my head getting big already.)

I already have a couple more projects in mind - I sketched out some woodland creature silhouette patterns last week. Perhaps those will be for Baby Z!


TheCookieJarvis said...

Oh my gosh - SO CUTE!! I love the kitties and the sea creatures, what a fun idea!

Leah said...

Adorable! You could sell those on Etsy you know, as long as you created the pattern yourself! I think you should make cute monsters next, or dinosaurs!!

TheCookieJarvis said...

or poodles... I'm just saying...