Thursday, April 8, 2010

copy kitten.

image via here

As an itty-bitty-baby blogger, I am very cautious when it comes to my posts. I worry about unintentionally copying another blogger's style. I am still relatively new to this outlet and do not want to step on any creative toes. I am not sure where this little blog will go in the future, but I am enjoying getting its cyber paws on the ground. Since day one I have been admittedly intimidated by the blogosphere, but have made HUGE strides thanks to some really great blogs I have happened across.

This world is much like any other - you have your crazy bloggers, your mean bloggers, your preachy bloggers, your fake bloggers, your TMI bloggers, your wanna-be bloggers and your honestly great bloggers. The key, as in life, is to associate yourself with people you can connect with and learn from, and leave the rest to their own devices. (I would put myself in the "wanna-be" category, with the hopes of growing up to that last one there.) I am learning all kinds of "web stuff" as I go and will continue to figure out how to translate my life aesthetic into my blog aesthetic.

So thanks to anybody reading this for humoring me and/or inspiring me.


Tia said...

i love reading your blogs! i think you're doing great! :)

Leah said...

You're a great blogger! And I think you have a voice all your own. Also, maybe you should come to Bloggers in Sin City in May.

Dianna and I are going and we have room in our hotel room for one more! :)