Monday, August 24, 2009

new-age blog.

I recently rediscovered my old livejournal account. I hadn't updated it, let alone looked at it, in one year - almost to the day. I guess I stopped being any good at it. My entries were hardly interesting and really just a way for me to document my own life. Which, thinking about it now, is really all I'm looking for in a blog. Just a place to gather my thoughts and keep them for posterity.

I'd really like to be great at blogging - know all of the cool gadgets, link all of my sites, post photos in cool ways... There are so many interesting people with cute, well put together blogs that I get very intimidated. But then again there are also some very un-interesting people that just happen to have excellent blog-keeping skills, which is almost equally as intimidating. I can think "I have so much more to say than this guy, but my blog is still going to look so much more boring than his."

I guess I'm falling behind in my generation as far as Web2.0 is concerned. (Don't be impressed that I know that term either - I hardly know what it means. But blogger is making me look smarter already by supplying this simple hyperlink button.) I just don't know how to be web-cool. HTML? Forget it. All I can manage is facebook. Which is getting lamer by the day, but has become almost as necessary as email in some ways. I don't have a twitter account, and can hardly understand "tweets" with all of the @ signs and secret codes. I don't even have internet capabilities on my phone.

I think I'm going to give it another go though. Perhaps now is the time to retire the old "lj" and fully inhabit my Google account with my sweet new Blogger blog. Maybe I'll even rediscover my Flikr account. But lets crawl before we walk.

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