Friday, April 16, 2010

bite me.

In light of the beautiful weather that we are experiencing, the fact that Todd and I will be jetting off to beautiful Puerto Rico in two weeks, and the positive attitude that both of those facts have put me in, I am taking on several life beautification projects. Starting with me - because who doesn't like to be pampered?

So, prior to our trip I will be heading back to Sparrow in Logan Square to get a summer cut. I went there for the first time in February and Susan did an excellent job fixing a botched haircut I had gotten elsewhere last November.

Although I have lived in Chicago for 6 years, these were my first haircuts in the city. When I was able to, I would wait to get my haircut at home in Ohio. Anyone that lives in the Columbus area should go see Beth at Cut, Color, Style in Old Worthington. She's THE BEST. Tell her Stacey sent you.

Sparrow is operated by two stylists, Susan and Bathsheba. My sister and I have both been to see Susan (she gave us great bangs), but both do some great cutting. (For proof, check out their blog.) These are my go-to hair inspiration photos. (Love Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ginnifer Goodwin... hmm, perhaps I'll go a little lighter, like Ms. Gyllenhaal did in the upper left photo...)

images from here, here, here, and here

Also, I'll be getting waxed. (You heard me. I went there.) I've been getting waxed for a few years now. Not regularly, but enough that I feel comfortable blogging about it apparently. I've been to Continuum Studio in Andersonville probably four times in the last two years. I've never had a preferred esthetician, but everyone I've seen has been really great and professional. Chatty enough so that you don't feel like a stranger is poking around down there, but not so chatty that you feel like you're getting waxed by your crazy cousin. It's a smaller salon, but very private and quiet. I've been to other boutique-style waxing salons in the city and have always come out feeling a little dirty. Like I just got waxed at a drive-thru. And yes, you have to grow your hair out for a few weeks in order to get the best results. Lucky for me, I hate shaving anyway. Thus the resulting smooth legs for a few weeks with no effort on my part is totally worth the 45 minutes of pain. (And yes. It hurts as bad as you think it will. But it's over pretty quickly. Trick of the trade: Soak in an oatmeal bath after wards to soothe your tender skin, help prevent redness and remove any excess wax.)

Lastly - and this one is all on me - I'm going to attempt the impossible. I'm going to try to stop biting my fingernails (again). I know, it's a gross habit that I should have outgrown years ago, but I didn't. And in the grand scheme of bad habit, I'd say this one is pretty mild. It's not like I smoke or do drugs or drink excessively. And I have tried quitting since I was a teenager. I've tried all the tricks. But there has been only ONE that has been successful: Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle. Yes, that little gold bottle at the drug store.

I'm telling you. Nothing else works. It says to apply every other day, but I put a nice thin layer on my nails everyday. I'll be totally glam in no time. Then I'm going to rock it like this:

image from here

How '80s Fab are those?? Let the summer beautification commence!


Tia said...

go stacey go! you can do it!

Leah said...

You're a brave soul. I've never been waxed because I'm too much of a scaredy cat! Those haircuts and color would look adorable on you!!

Carrie Leanne said...

I was going to suggest Sally Hensen's Hard as Nails!!! Does the trick for me! I'm back in a biting my nails funk too...whatswiththat?

Good luck! Have fun in Puerto Rico too!!