Thursday, April 22, 2010

gonna get a clean house.

I love Clean House. Niecy Nash is a hoot and a half.

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This show - guilty pleasure though it may be - has a major impact on how I look at my own living environment. So does Hoarders. I have a legitimate fear of ending up on Hoarders when I am older. I've always held onto stuff... ticket stubs, old wallets, EVERY note I ever passed in 7th and 8th grade... stuff that I'm afraid to get rid of because "it means something" and "when I get older, I'll be able to look at this scrap of paper/tiny plastic object/eggshell from the first time he made me breakfast in bed (Rachel and Ross, anyone?) and remember this exact moment in time". When Kristen and I moved to our new (soon to be old) apartment last summer, I was smacked in the face with the quantity of STUFF I had accumulated. And I told myself "It's time."

As I unpacked, I started separating out things that I had no use for anymore. I donated quite a bit of housewares and clothing to my local Goodwill and I started to feel really good. It was amazing how much lighter I felt. And honestly, unless I look at the detailed list I made of all the items I've let go of, I couldn't tell you what I'm missing from my home. And I don't feel like I've lost any of my memories either. Though I will admit that every so often, after dropping off a car load of goods, I have to call my sister and/or Todd for a little moral support.
(Find your nearest Goodwill donation center.)

So I've made some progress. But now that I'm faced with another move (to a yet unknown abode) I'm starting to take inventory. And there is still SO MUCH STUFF. I look around and all I want is for it all to be organized by Niecy and her crew. I've been reading some great design blogs lately (check out the 'design' blog list on the right), and envy their organizational prowess and execution. (It's really the execution that I have the most trouble with.) But I think the bug has bitten and I'm feeling inspired to make this next home be all it can be from Day One. Stay tuned for some design inspiration and maybe even a play-by-play of the... wait for it... EXECUTION!

For now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that I have enough boxes to pack up all of my STUFF.

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