Monday, April 26, 2010

island of tropical breezes.

It's getting close! This time on Saturday we will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean, getting ready to land on the island of Puerto Rico. That means I have the next 4 evenings after work (Friday will be spent celebrating my Pal's birthday) to do all of my laundry, pack, get my hair cut, get waxed, get the kittens packed up for their week at my sister's, deliver the kittens to my sister, clean out my car, and make a trip to Target for last-minute necessities (travel shampoo/toothpaste/cute new beach cover-up/etc).

I'm ready for a break and a tan. Todd keeps reminding me that this will be his first "real beach vacation". I keep reminding him to bring sunglasses and lots of books to read. He gets antsy just sitting around, but I am determined to get him to relax. We have a couple exciting things planned (snorkeling and a zip-line through the rainforest!) but my biggest plan is to lay on the beach and soak up as much sunshine and salty air as humanly possible.

See you soon palm trees.

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