Thursday, May 8, 2014

the luckiest.

One year ago, I was in full pre-wedding-stress-mode. The dress had to be picked up from the seamstress, the menus and programs had to be picked up from the printer (the first batch was ALL WRONG, I tell you!), I had to check into the hotel, I didn't have a bra for my rehearsal dinner dress (that I just picked out THAT WEEK! Because NOTHING WAS RIGHT!), my original make-up artist cancelled at the last minute, it was unseasonably cold (and WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN THE GARDEN DAMMIT)... FULL ON PANIC MODE!

Thankfully, I have the best friends/family/husband in the whole world. Everything was perfect, even the parts that weren't. We partied forever. And I would do it all over again every year. I will say it forever: May 11, 2013 was the happiest day of my life. It was an incredible day, filled with the most special people from every special moment of my life so far. I know that as time goes on, you lose touch with people. It's the natural way of things. But I feel so fortunate to have had so many people from so many places come to celebrate and send us off on this new adventure. It was especially important to me because of the absence of one most important guest. Who was there every time the clouds parted and the sun shined into the courtyard. Which it did at the most wonderful times.

this ring is part of my mom's wedding set. she had three bands, too.

some may remember this as the second best moment of the night.

Full Disclosure: Marriage isn't easy. The first year of marriage has been tough, but that could be said about any year of any relationship ever. You work hard for love and happiness. And when you are in love and happy, even the hard work feels easy in the end. We are still so happy. So in love. So hilarious. So lucky. But I'm the luckiest. (Don't tell Todd!)

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