Tuesday, May 20, 2014

4x4: keds will be keds.

For those one or two of you that can remember way back to when I first started this little blog, you may recall that I would occasionally do these little 4x4 posts. Four collections of four items each, with a common theme. (These were the pre-Pinterest days, for any youngsters out there.) Well, I think I'm gonna bring 'em back. Or at least, I'm doing one today! The last 4x4 was actually posted in February of 2011, so... consider this my first post-30 4x4. Basically the same, but with a little more expendable income.

Recently (yesterday), I purchased a fresh pair of Keds. I wanted white, but this dirty city (and my sister) convinced me that coral was the way to go. My sister and I wore white leather Keds almost exclusively growing up. (Remember when they only cost $11?) I realized this morning that my footwear now consists of my "mom" sandals, my "dad" sperrys, and now my "stef-and-stace-growing-up" keds. I am nothing if not nostalgic. So, in honor of my relapse into childhood footwear, and our upcoming sunny vacation, I bring you the return of the 4x4. Just add shorts + t-shirt.

Forever Young

 Shoes: Champion Ikat by Keds - $50
Shades: Wrapped Aviators 58 by Ray Ban - $185
Jewels: Stone and Crystal Arrow by J. Crew Factory - $44.50
Bag: Knapsack by Baggu - $64

 Shoes: Boyfriend Chambray Stripe by Keds - $60
Shades: Wayfarer 50 by Ray-Ban - $160
Jewels: Stone Square by J. Crew Factory - $34.50
Bag: Boat Tote by Baggu - $68

Summer Brights
Shoes: Crash-Back Chevron by Keds - $45
Shades: Boyfriend 60 by Ray-Ban - $150
Jewels: Neon Floral Burst by J. Crew Factory - $44.50
Bag: Backpack by Baggu - $98

For Realsies
Shoes: Champion Canvas by Keds - $45
Shades: Erika by Ray-Ban - $115
Jewels: Layered Crystal Pendant by J. Crew Factory - $34.50
Bag: Duck Bag by Baggu - $48

I am in no way affiliated with Keds, Ray-Ban, J.Crew or Baggu. They are just some of my fave brands, and things that I actually buy.


TheCookieJarvis said...

I love these! Where is your sunny vacation?

stacey erin said...

We are headed to the Caribbean! Doing some scuba diving with the fam!