Wednesday, August 26, 2009

flip and tumble.

I love The Container Store. I wish my whole life was as organized as that store makes you believe that it can be.

Last weekend, while on a day long shopping adventure with my sister, we ended up in the checkout line at The Container Store. They have the best impulse shopping items in their check out line. Including giant pill-shaped pill boxes, a-la Dr. Mario. (Holy moly, you can play Dr. Mario online! This is the greatest moment of my life.) But I digress...

We were perusing the reusable shopping bags, knowing full well that reusable shopping bags can be kind of a waste because they're bulky and you don't always have them with you. And only end up using them on maybe 25% of your shopping trips.

But then we found these:
flip & tumble 24/7 bag

They sell them at The Container Store, but they have such a cute website. And also have a wider selection of colors, patterns and products that you can buy online. The 24/7 bags are made out of a super-light, super soft material and roll up into little stretchy Popple-like pods. The pods are attached and act as an inside mini-pocket when the bag is revealed.

I got the green one - big surprise. Stef got green and brown. The pod is so small I keep it in my purse all the time. And I actually use it.

Moral of the story: buy these bags.
They're the greatest. You won't be disappointed.

Second moral of the story: play Dr. Mario.
It is also the greatest.

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EB said...

Hi Stace :) I saw your post through facebook. I love the container store too and I like that you compared a reusable grocery bag to a popple. XOXO Lizbeth