Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tomato basil asparagus.

I don't always eat healthy.

Let me rephrase. I never eat healthy. At least not on purpose. I love a good medium-rare steak drenched in a buttery bearnaise sauce. I also love cheddar and sour cream Ruffles potato chips. Buffalo chicken strips with lots of blue cheese dressing. And what averages out to be about three or four Coca-Colas per day.

However. I do also love good soups and salads. And fresh crunchy vegetables like peppers and beans.

Across the street from my new job is a market called Urban Fresh. It is Jewel's answer to Whole Foods. (Jewel being Chicago's answer to Kroger.) Urban Fresh is nice. A small but edible looking selection of hot and cold deli items. A small but edible looking salad bar. A very nice selection of produce. And a good mix of organic and name brand groceries. (i.e. I can get my lunch time Coke. F you Whole Foods.)

Lately, I am obsessed with their creamy tomato basil soup. I also get fresh grilled asparagus from the deli counter, cut it into little pieces, and mix it in. Delicious. Today I noticed they also have fresh-baked, individual servings of cornbread. How could I have missed that before? Incredible. Perfect little lunch. I must not overdo it before winter, though. I have a feeling this will be my cold-weather survival meal.

If grocery stores in Chicago ever sold decent lump crab meat, it would be the perfect addition to my concoction. Mmmm...

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