Wednesday, June 19, 2013

insta gratification.

It really happened. I'm a married lady. Holy moly. And we've made it five and a half whole weeks already! So far, it's... pretty much the same. Don't take that the wrong way; it feels incredible to be married! But when you have been together for five years, lived together for almost two, and known each other for about eight, the marriage part is really a formality. He's been my husband for a while now.

The wedding, though... Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

Honestly. And not because it was "my day" or because every last detail was perfect and sparkly and white and every little girl's dream. It wasn't. It was our day. And every detail was not perfect, there were very few sparkles, and the whitest part was the dancing. But it was perfectly us. It was our dream. (There you go. There's the cliche.) It was the best, most amazing celebration of family and friends. I just wanted to drink in all of the love and joy and laughter that started the moment the first guests started arriving (read: Justin. On Wednesday.) and continued until the moment the last guests departed (read: Us. Because Justin was asleep in our apartment when we left for our honeymoon. Yes, Todd knew what he was getting into before he proposed).

Another thing I loved was getting to relive it all immediately, and peruse the hastags on instagram the next day. Here are a few favorites from #garciaganza2013 and #lovetoddandstacey.

heart breaker at hooters the day before. sorry fellas. this prize has been WON.

post-rehearsal-dinner drinks. post-post-rehearsal-dinner-drinks hair fix.

hs bffs. there's a baby in there!

clones. my hubba and my nuzzle. she knew before we knew.

oh yeah, and then it got real.

and then i got to dance with my dad.

best buds.

todd and his mama got the party started.

photo. booth. mania. (+ unicorn.)

best day of my life.

These instas are courtesy of my wonderful friends and family, whose social media links I will keep private. But many thanks to all of them for capturing such perfect moments and letting me steal them because I'M THE BRIDE. xo

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TheCookieJarvis said...

Your wedding truly was fantasmic. I may have shed a tear or 75. Also... I MISS YOU! Glad to hear the honeymoon went well!