Tuesday, March 26, 2013

bauble troubles.

HELP! I can't decide what jewels to wear for The Big Day! (Which is coming up SO FAST, btw.) I've compiled some of my top contenders, and I need help choosing. I wish I could share some of the deets of the dress, but T-O-double-D looks at this here blog occasionally. Wouldn't want to spill the beans. I'm going for no necklace, clear-ish stones, gold. Pearls might be okay. Accent colors are coral and gray. Maybe a stack of bracelets? I can't decide!

So let me know which combo you like best! Or by all means, send me a link to something awesome!

1. givenchy line. clear. $65. | 2. faux tennis. mom. | 3. givenchy line. coral. $65.
4. j.crew pave link. $125. | 5. kate spade knot. $78. | 6. j.crew crystal crush. $118.

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