Tuesday, January 29, 2013

let's go.

I'm going to be honest with you (whoever 'you' are that may still check on this blog after a five month hiatus). 2012 sucked. It started out bad. Day 1: Bad. And we were just never able to climb back up from there. It was like the whole year was spent trying to swim against the current. A rip current. With an undertoe. It was rough.

There were a few bright moments. (Sparkly, even!) Three of my best friends got married. (Two of them to each other!) Todd and I had an amazing vacation, and got engaged. We took a few quick trips, and had some fun times with family and friends.

But right after those lovely moments, there was always a cloud right behind us ready to gloom things up again. It wasn't any one thing. And it wasn't everything either. But no matter how many times you try to tell yourself "Be positive. Things could be worse.", it's hard to believe it in the moment.

What made things worse was the fact that this was supposed to be the most wonderful year of my life. Being engaged. Planning our wedding. These are things that I have looked forward to for a long time. But, full disclosure: wedding planning is not all cake and flowers. Fullest disclosure: sometimes it flat out sucks. But also, sometimes you luck out and find yourself with a partner who just wants you to be happy and stress-free and who has great ideas and really good taste (in ladies). So I will never, ever, ever take credit for how wonderful our wedding is about to turn out. And it is going to be awesome. And it is going to be mostly Todd's fault.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I think 2013 is going to be great. It might be a backwards-ly optimistic way to look at it, but honestly, "It couldn't be worse than last year." I'm trying to wake up everyday with a positive attitude. So far, it's worked about 70% of the time. But that's better than 0%.

And just to ensure that this post ends positively (because Gloom & Doom is sooo 2012) here are some joy-enducing insta-images from the last month or so. Things are looking up. It's 2013. Let's go.


TheCookieJarvis said...

Umm I read your blog :) You know the whole wedding planning process was not what I expected either. You will still enjoy the planning but the real reward is getting to have an incredibly special day with all of your friends and family. Your special day makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! Keep up that positive attitude!!! Also... I like the Mickey under the tree :).

stacey erin said...

You are still my #1@PPC SHHH!!! Can't wait to see you sometime, someday for I dunno, whatever, nothing special. No big deal.
Also, my 2 and a half year old 'niece' is obsessed with The Mouse. I love her more every day.