Thursday, October 21, 2010


A month or so ago I found the perfect bedside table. I have so much dark, black-brown Ikea furniture that I wanted something to contrast that. Originally, my thought was something mirrored, like this:

Of course, Todd knew me better than that and simply said "You'll hate it in a few months." And although I whined "But it's so girlie! I don't have any girlie things!" all the way down the aisle of our local Target, he was totally right. So I waited patiently for the perfect table to present itself. And then one day, I came across this lovely table. Simple, natural, wood. I pictured a few hardcover books, a simple lamp and perhaps a basket underneath to catch the wayward catalogs that pile up on the floor on my side of the bed.

So I bought one. But just one. And ever since, Todd has complained, "Where's MY nightstand?" Well he finally got his, and we picked up two of these seagrass milk crates on sale last weekend for underneath. Mine is already full of catalogs, sharpies and my slippers. Todd's is currently housing a few stray pages of scripts and a cat.

Now we're I'm just waiting for the right moment to strike on this lamp base/shade combo:

I love the way nothing is matchy-matchy (technical term), but it still feels put together. And with the duvet I got from Crate and Barrel?! Oh, jeeze. Big girl bedroom to-the-max.

all items pictured are from Target, and are available in-store

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