Tuesday, June 8, 2010

like a moth to a flame.

I've been all about lighting lately. The design bug has definitely bitten hard now that I've signed a new lease. There is much painting to be done (Step 1), but all I can think about after that is taking down those ugly white ceiling fans (Step 2).

Sure, I am still renting. But now that I am on my own, I don't plan on moving again unless this place turns out to be a total lemon. So I take the fans down now, store them, live happily, and put them back up when the time comes.

There is one hanging in every room, minus the bathroom. And while I understand the practicality of the ceiling fan, particularly in the summer months, I much prefer something with a little more personality. A little something like the Böja ceiling lamp from IKEA, perhaps?

Or even this cute little guy from Home Depot. I see him living in the kitchen or above a work space.

And to beat the heat during the summer months, I'd much prefer something a little more aesthetically pleasing. Like this retro box fan by Deco Breeze, available in 12 different colors on Amazon.

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Leah said...

I love that fan. It's adorable and there are so many colors to choose from!