Tuesday, March 9, 2010

baby, let's play house.

As I mentioned in previous posts (like this one and this one), I have been on a quest to create a home in the apartment that Kristen and I moved into last June. Yes, it's been almost a year. Yes, it still looks like we just moved in. Yes, it is driving me crazy.

I've never been able to really pull it together in any apartment I've ever lived in, and, at 26, I am tired of living in an environment that makes me feel like I'm still in college. I have too much stuff.

What I'm trying to work on right now is color. We are so neutral that it makes me sick. Cream walls, white trim, chocolate brown chair, cream couch, black-brown bookshelves, tobacco brown table/chairs/bar stools/cabinets, caramel brown floors... Too many different browns. Our kitchen opens up into our living room, with a dining nook off to the side that opens onto our balcony. We have no rugs, no art, no curtains. There are some red accents in the kitchen already, but I don't want too much more red anywhere else - just enough to tie it in. Kristen and I both like green, and I'd like to incorporate some blue and/or yellow. I know that sounds like I may as well paint a rainbow on our ceiling and be done with it, but this is more what I had in mind:

I've been in love with this print for awhile, and how convenient that IKEA decided to make curtains out of it. I love the red berries against the cool greens and blues. I found a teal rug and some green throw pillows at Crate and Barrel that I can get using the gift certificates that Santa brought. And there's a bright red rug (for only $50) that I'm thinking about getting for under the table and chairs in the dining area. (After that - no more red.)

If I counted up all of the "Grand Plans" I've come up with, this is probably about Plan J or K. But I have a date with my sister this Saturday to bring this one to life. Cross your fingers that I make it happen, and that it looks as lovely in real life as it does in my head.

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