Thursday, October 29, 2009

smooth investigator.

I had barely even thought about Halloween. I haven't dressed up in a couple years, and even then my costume was last minute. (I was an olympic swimmer. Blue one-piece swimsuit, sweatpants, flip flops, goggles... all I had to buy was a swim cap and a toy gold medal from the party store and I was set.)

This year, I didn't even think about dressing up until last weekend. So I thought, "Okay. I'll be a lamb. Or a cat. Something easy." Not so easy. My shopping trip was a bust. But that's what happens when you wait until 5 days before Halloween. And I am just not that crafty.

So... I have returned to an idea that my sister has been begging me to do for about five years now. It is her dream for me to dress up as the sexiest private investigator the Pacific has ever known.

Thomas Magnum, P.I.

Magnum and I share many common traits that would lead my sister to believe that I could be mistaken for the REAL Magnum. Such as our long legs - used for kicking bad guys in their faces, our hot abdominal muscles, our affinity for short shorts and boat shoes, our military backgrounds, and most importantly, our awe-inspiring hairiness... including - but not limited to - coiffure, mustache, chest and legs.

This year I will make all of my sister's dreams come true.

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