Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hills and hollers.

Looking forward to this weekend. After another failed attempt at planning a camping trip, Todd suggested a day trip of fresh, fun, fabulous fall festivities with friends. (You're welcome for the astounding alliteration.)

Apple Holler is about an hour north of Chicago, right off of I-94 in Sylvania, Wisconsin. They grow over two dozen varieties of apples, and even give you a flavor breakdown of each type and what they are good for... like "baking" "sauce" and "eating".

I'll use my favorite apple as an example:

Honey Crisp
[September 11-30]
Honey Crisp apples are larger in size with a red and green skin. Juicy, sweet and Crisp. A good dessert apple. Great for eating!

In addition to the apple picking, they also have pears and pumpkins when they are in season. Well, we missed the pears, but I have a major taste for some oven roasted pumpkin seeds! And I have an empty balcony ready for some spooky jack-o-lanterns.

To actually have a chance to enjoy the fall weather will be the best part of the trip - before Chicago slips into its "Eternal Winter" mode. Today is the most beautiful fall day we've had all season and I'm stuck in an office until dusk. Such a shame. Some hot cider and a hay ride will do me just right.

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